Who am I?

I am Rhea.

Love traveling,reading and shopping.

Never stop broadening my horizons.


                                          Stay Hungry,Stay Foolish.

                                                                                                                     ──Kevin Kelly


  There were no completed system,target audience and brand image when I became Marketing manager of internship global program in AIESEC THU.It was difficult to promote the program.For this reason, I created a sales mechanism which combined marketing team and sales team to improve the productivity.Sales team use the detail which marketing team collect.Both teams cooperate together.Marketing team will assist sale team with oral practice before meeting.Marketing team would be indispensable assistant in whole program.


    Everything was going well except one member who could not involve in the team. I have noticed that the main reason behind

the occurrence of a conflict is the failure to see the situation's both side.I listen to her perspective and adjusted weekly goal also

negotiate with her sale partner.Then,her performance improved and the conflict had been resolved.I anticipate conflict and take steps to resolve.All of failures come with feedback and constructive criticism make me grow.


   I had backpacked with friends several times.We usually used Gantt chart to split task and timeline before the arrangements.It clearly know everyone's work and position and check progress easily.Not only Gantt chart but also Google form to collect data and update details.We made certain every part would be going smoothly.But Plans can never keep up with changes such as bad weather, sick and delay.

   Last summer,we traveled to Philippines.We requested Uber driver to pick us up and drive to airport. The driver could not find us and speak English.What's worse is our flight would take off in 1 hour.I immediately split people into two group.One team sought help from native to talk with driver,the other looked for taxi which expense couldn't over budget. Fortunately,we caught up with the flight in time by native's help. Most of the time,I was the problem-solver when sudden occurrence happened. I believe that keep calm and bring alternative to solve problem comes naturally to me.




At some point, you gotta decide for yourself who you are 

going to be.Can't nobody make that decision for you.

The movie is a radical depiction on modern-day black.

The story includes homosexual,identity,family function,

drug and bully issue.




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