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I am a tech leader and a full-stack programmer who has experience for seven years and expertise in management for three years.

My stacks are widely includes frontend(React/Vue), backend(Ruby on Rails/Nodejs), DevOps(AWS), Serverless even App(Cordova / Flutter / Quasar / React-Native). 

The previous position was a tech manager in managing projects, allocate tickets, optimize the team workflow to make the faster-developing process.

IELTS Band: 6 (2018 / 9) 

Telegram: @Lulalalulala,
Email: [email protected]


Firstage:Oct 2020~Jul 2021

AS a technical manager, I deal with AWS global infrastructure and lead 2 frontend and 2 backend programmers.
  • Developed WYSIWYG Editor like Medium content editor
  • Nuxt.js + AWS Amplify
  • Used Ruby on Jets , but we changed to AWS CDK (Typescript) after
  • Familiar with AWS Serverless system and auto-scaling.

Gambling industry in Philippines Mar 2019 ~ Mar 2020

Be a leader to guide 5 Asian programmers to develop the frontend part. At the same time, lead 2 Filipinos to develop the backend.

  • Optimize the website's performance. At Google Pagespeed testing, the highest score of the desktop is 98, and the mobile is 96.
  • Agent Management System
  • CMS's Authority Management
  • Use Vue to develop 4 Cash websites. 2 online now. (The website has many type of games which users can login to play)
  • Use Quasar (Cordova) to develop a Chat APP for iOS and Android.
  • Use Flutter to develop an E-Sport APP
  • Use Ruby on Rails to develop instant messaging system by web socket and RESTful API
  • Use Github Action to integrate CI flow
  • Hold a meetup per week, aim to share any new Technology. 
  • Test projects by Cypress, Postman

Zetya in Australia:Apr 2018~ Feb 2019

Under an Australian company as a Full-stack programmer(React / Rails), and lead two frontend programmers.

  • Use Zoid, iframe-resizer and React to create four cross-domain widgets; they can be embedded to any website to make an appointment.
  • Use React to create e-commerce CMS
  • Use Rails to develop RESTful API for React widgets
  • Use Flipper to achieve a developing flow only using the master branch, reducing the merging of a stale branch.

Infocharge in Taiwan : Jul 2017 ~ Mar 2018

The time work in a company and as a freelancer after work.

As a Full Stack (Vue / Rails) Engineer

  • Used Logstash to store the user facial data, including expression, emotion and used Elasticsearch to search
  • Establish CMS by Vue to show analytical data, create a system like Google Ad to manage ads' reservation and pricing calculation.
  • Used Sidekiq (Redis) to control a massive amount of async ads

Freelancer:Jun 2016~Mar 2018

Had experience in ten projects, from interviewing the demand, reducing the requirement to MVP, implement Scrum, frontend, backend, and AWS / GCP.


  • Developed 3 completed shopping cart services, 1 RESTful API Server, 2 Blog services, 3 Reservation widgets,  T-Soul (Blog),  EmilyQ(shopping cart),  AnyTIme (reservation),  AmazingTalker (reservation)
  • Be an online Javascript, Rails tutor at AlphaCamp
  • Used React-Native to create a social app like Tinder

Personal Projects

Solmate - Advertising Platform                                                    MAY 2017 - NOV 2017

InforCharge Co.,Ltd. - Full Stack Engineer
  • Increased speed, using Eleasticsearch, Logstash structure to save and search logs
  • Used Sidekiq to resolve numerous advertisement actions in the background
  • Integrated AWS Facial Recognition to fetch user emotion and age.
  • Built and maintained interface using Vue2JS to provide usability to business operations data
  • Managed and set up GCP Compute Engine and Cloud Storage

T-SOUL - Podcast App                                                                 JUL 2017 - FEB 2017

Freelance project
  • Optimized API loading from 4s to within 1s
  • Built RESTful-API backend for apps. IOS appAndroid app
  • Apple pay and android pay server-side validation
  • Multi Images sort ordering and upload at the same time
  • Created an anonymous user system that let users can buy products with no validation
  • Used lots of AJAX techniques to prevent page reload, which rise user experiences

FUSAKI - Shopping Cart                                                               JUL 2016 - DEC 2016

Freelance project


AmazingTalker - Matching Teachers and students        MAY 2016 - NOV 2016

Freelance project 

Home Taste - Shopping Cart                                              AUG 2016 - PRESENT

Freelance project

EmilyQ - Blog                                                                         AUG 2015 - APR 2016

Freelance project

Lighthouse - Education                                                      OCT 2016 - JAN 2018

Freelance project
  • Rspec testing and Capybara integration testing
  • Subscription system which users can subscribe posts, users, comment
  • Built an interactive comment system on the backend and with WYSIWYG on the frontend
  • Notify users by email with asynchronous processing to optimize server resource
  • Manage AWS S3 authority with IAM



Nodejs ⋅ Ruby / Ruby on Rails ⋅ OOP ⋅ RESTful-API ⋅ Asynchronous Processing ⋅ Rspec


ES6 ⋅ Vue2 ⋅ Vuex ⋅ Nuxt ⋅ iView ⋅ jQuery ⋅ React ⋅ Redux ⋅ React-thunk


Bootstrap ⋅ Semantic-Ui ⋅ Materialize css ⋅ OOCSS ⋅ SMACSS 


AWS (EC2 ⋅ ELB ⋅ RDS ⋅ VPC ⋅ S3 ⋅ AMI ⋅ IAM) ⋅ Linux ⋅ Cloud Flare ⋅ GCP 


Elasticsearch ⋅ Logstash ⋅ Kibana ⋅ Git


Flutter ⋅ Cordova ⋅ Quasar ⋅ React-Native


ALPHAcamp Lighthouse Online workshop mentor - present
ALPHAcamp Lighthouse Teaching assistant  - present

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