Chuheng Hu

“An Openminded Learner, A Passionate Speaker, An Analytical Audience, A Critical Thinker, A Creative Designer and An Empathetic Person" is how I define myself and is also my goal. 




  •  University of Toronto 2012-2015, Toronto, ON 

- BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Application in Finance and Economics

- Graduate in 3 years with distinction 

- Overall GPA: 3.44 /4.0   Major GPA:3.53/4.0 

Working Experience: 

  •  Technical Adviser,Stem research center, Shanghai 

        2016 Mar - Now

 - Introduce the Idea Tree + STEM model into the traditional Chinese classroom

 - Compile teaching materials for STEM education in Shanghai

  •  Educational Consultant ,Onesmart Edu., Shanghai 

        2016 Jan - Mar

 - Give students professional learning habit evaluation

 - Introduce suitable courses to students 

  •  Summer Intern, HuaTai United Securities Investment bank Division, Shanghai

        2015 July - Aug

 - “ JingRui Edu” IPO Project 

      Business Interview with VP and cooperation partner 

      Collect data and do industry survey report

 - “little I robot” NEEQ

       Collect and produce accounting reports 

  •  Accountant, ShangHai Haiyan Automobile Sales Co., Ltd

        2014 Dec- Jan

 - Administer accounts receivable and accounts payable

 -  Prepare analysis of accounts as requested  

  •  IdeaTree Program Demo Designer, Bestway Edu, Shanghai

        2013 May-June

 -  Design the Demo Classes of this Online Educational / communicational program.

 -  Initiate meetings with app designer and advocated the program to secondary schools.  

  •  Partime Graphic Designer and Photographer, Self-employed 

        2013 - Now

 -  Website design/ Logo design / Portrait photography  

Volunteering Experience and Activities: 

  •  STEM Education Salon 2016

        2016 April

 - Successfully held in YangPu elementrary school

 - 200 Participants involved (including teachers, our business partners, students, and parents)

  •  STEM MiddleSchool Teachers' Salon 2016

        2016 March

 - Successfully held in BestWay Edu. 

 - 80 Participants involved (including teachers and principals) 

  •  Free Tutor to Korean Kids

        2015 July- Aug

 - Give them Chinese classes

 - Provide them with school selection advices  - Give them Chinese classes 

  •  Student Counselor, Nancy Campbell High School, London, ON. 

        2014 Aug- Sep

 - Design verbal, oral and film classes to train students‘ abilities to write, to speak and to think in English. 

 - Give application advice for the Chinese students 

  •  Associate Teacher, Hua er Middle School, Shanghai

        2013 May- Jul

 - Associate-tutor of the international thinking class.

  •  STEM+IdeaTree education Teachers' Salon 2013

        2013 June


     - Successfully held in Shanghai Foreign Language school

     - 50 Teachers involved 

  •  Head of Design Department and member of marketing team, GOVision (global oriented vision) Student Club, Toronto,ON 

        2013 - 2014

 - Design the posters of the financial meetings and social events of the student club. 

 - Apply learnt marketing strategies in the courses to promote the events 

  •  Associate Teacher, Hua er Middle School, Shanghai

        2013 May- Jul

 - Associate-tutor of the international thinking class.

  •  Debater, U of T Debating Club, Toronto, ON

        2012 - 2014

 -Once won “Best Debater” in Ontario Debate Competition


  •  Python 2.0

 - Ability to program in Python

- Familiar with the core computer science topics like algorithms and complexity 

  •  Adobe Photoshop

 - Ability to edit photos and design posters, etc. in Photoshop 

- Familiar with Photoshop techniques. 

  •  SAS 

 - Basic data analysis in SAS software

   (including: examination of data, correlation, simple and multiple regression models, 

   inference for regression parameters, confidence and prediction intervals, diagnostics 

   and remedial procedures ,interaction and dummy variables, measurement error and model selection) 

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