Alex Huang

Android Developer / React Native Developer

 Taipei, Taiwan


  • Android app develoment (Java + Kotlin) - 3.5 years
  • React Native app development - 1.5 years
  • Web front-End develoment (React.js) - 1 year


Jan 2019 - Present
Mobile Engineering Manager, honestbee

Aug 2018 - Dec 2018
React Native Tech Lead, honestbee

Jul 2017 - Jul 2018
Android Developer & React Native Developer, honestbee

Our vision is to become the world's most convenient services marketplace. My Achievement Highlights:
  • Developed the consumer app and the merchant app.
  • Solved issues reported by our helpdesk.
  • Onsite supported our partner restaurants in Taiwan, Singapore, and Philippines to investigate issues, observe user behavior, collect feedback, and then keep improving our products base on these findings.
  • Introduce React Native to our mobile team, improve our development experience and efficiency.
  • Host workshops and also do pair-programmings to help our team members pick up new technologies.
  • Extracted shared components across all of honestbee apps as a library to save our time and increase consistency.

Sep 2013 - Jul 2017 
Android Developer & Web Front-End Developer, Trend Micro

Topaz project - home network security app
We hope Topaz app can help users to improve their concept of network security. My Achievement Highlights:
  • Designed the Topaz 1.0 Android app architecture.
  • Implemented device recognition and vulnerability scan.
  • Collaborated with managers, UI/UX designers, and other developers to discuss how to design this app.

Atom project - IoT security SDK
Atom project provides a SDK to IoT vendors, so they can integrate with our SDK to protect their IoT devices. My Achievement Highlights:

  • Ported our native daemon (Written in C++) which was used in other IoT devices to Android, so we could reuse our code, we don't need to implement the same thing again on Android.
  • Developed Atom SDK for application layer, this SDK is in charge of communicating with our native daemon which would run in the background and periodically upload the device status to our server.
  • Developed the web console which visualizes the vulnerabilities or anomaly behaviors on vendor's IoT devices.
  • Refactored the code using React.js, Redux, and ES6 to enhance the readability and maintainability.

Yamato project - VPN app & SDK
Yamato app provides several features related to VPN, including data compression, public wifi protection, ad-block, and app protection. It also provides a SDK for internal teams in Trend Micro, e,g., Dr. Safety app integrates our SDK to protect user's network traffic when they connect to public WiFi. My Achievement Highlights:

  • Developed the Yamato Android app. We used a 3rd-party VPN library which is written in native code, and we modified it to meet our requirements, e.g., we bypass not important packets to reduce the traffic to our server.
  • Developing network protection SDK for Dr. Safety app, collecting their feedback, and fulfilling their requirements.
  • Attended the brainstorming meeting with UX designers to design the features of this product, e.g., Some people with lower 3G/4G data plan care the network data usage very much. Therefore, we utilize the data compression feature of Yamato service, and design an app which visualizes the data usage, data plan limitation, and how many data usage the app saved for him/her.

JewelryBox project - photo & video management app 
JewelryBox is a photo and video management app. It needs to work with our hardware box. My Achievement Highlights:

  • Developed Android app including several features such as authentication, pairing to box, view/ (auto-)upload/ delete/ edit/ share photos, add friends, notifications, new photos detection, QR code scanning, etc.
  • Communicated with other cooperative teams and UI/UX designers, e.g., integrate with account service team as our authentication mechanism and integrate with cloud storage team to store users' albums.


Sep 2011 - Jun 2013

National Taiwan University, Master's Degree, Electrical Engineering (Computer Science Group)

Sep 2007 - Jun 2011

National Taipei University, Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science



Android Developer Study Group

https://www.facebook.com/grou ps/523386591081376

This is the biggest community for Android developers in Taipei. There are monthly meetups which provide technical sharings and weekly code clubs that you can go there to have a free discussion with other developers. What I have done:

  • Joined this group in 2014 and co-host the activities since 2016
  • Helped Trend Micro to deal with supporting this community by proving the free space for the monthly meetups

11038653_981430325243344_7312510889302594364_n (1).jpg

Android Taipei

https://www.facebook.com/grou ps/AndroidTaipei/

This is another famous community for Android developers. They have monthly meetups to give presentations, share ideas, and demo apps. What I have done:

  • Frequently attended the monthly meetups since 2014
  • Provided the sharing "Building Your First Material Design Android App"
  • Provided the sharing "Android Architecture Components"
  • Co-host the annual conference: Android Taipei 2017

Other Highlights

  • Nov 2018: Be a speaker at GDG DevFest Taipei 2018 to provide a free discussion session for Android developers
  • Mar 2017: Our team won the championship in "Taipei Hackathon" held by Booking.com
  • May 2016: Attended machine learning contest in Trend Micro
  • Sep 2015: Received employee of the quarter award
  • May - Aug 2015:  Formed a study group and became the bi-weekly speaker for the book "Learning Android, 2nd Edition"

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