Reno Riadi  

Expert Generalist & Digital Enthusiast.

Hello! I am an Expert Generalist. I have a lot of expertise in various fields. My main expertise is mostly related to the digital sector, such as video editing, graphic design, social media specialist, digital marketing and other related matters.

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  Sukabumi City, West Java 43167, Indonesia

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Work Experience

SAP PPIC & Purchasing •  PT Pou Chen Group

January 2021 - April 2023

  • Make a good relations with our listed vendor regarding our order base on requirement.
  • Place an order and follow up vendor, make sure our order from placed order until arrived in factory and make a payment.
  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with all suppliers and prepare reports for all purchasing departments.
  • Negotiating price, quantity, and delivery schedules with suppliers.
  • Transmits and prioritizes approved purchase orders and supporting documents to supplier.
  • Working with Trial Order, Work Order, Replenishment Order and TECO
  • Ensuring all Work Order is maintained every end of the month, so Costing (FI & CO) month end closing running smoothly.
  • Working with SAP, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and MPS (Master Production Scheduling)
  • Creating master production schedules and manufacturing orders as well as forecasting inventory requirements.
  • Reviewing sales forecasts and customer demands as well as scheduling production batches based on inventory levels and production time.
  • Creating plans for procurement based on demand forecasting that has previously been done.
  • Monitoring inventory during the production process, goods stored in the warehouse, as well as the incoming and outgoing goods.
  • Scheduling production process in accordance with the planned time, routing, and quantity, in order to speed up the order fulfillment.
  • Ensuring the optimization of machine productivity so that no production machines are overused or rather useless.

Graphic Designer  •  CR STORE

September 2019 - October 2020

  • CR STORE is a printing business that prints designs from customers to the media they want. It can be printed on clothes, cellphone cases, drinking bottles, and various other media.
  • Working with mockups
  • Create a template to advertise a product
  • Create and design various assets for social media and e-commerce


2019 - 2023

Universitas Terbuka  

Management - Akreditasi A 

Sarjana (S1) / Bachelor's Degree

GPA/IPK: 3.6/4.0

Subject studied:

Human Resources Management, Business Management, Investment & Portfolio, Industrial Relations, Good Corporate Governance, Risk Management & Insurance, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Mix, Basic Accounting

Non-Degree Education

November 2022 - July 2023

IndonesiaNext Season 7

Awarded as one of 32 Best Talents


August 2023

Complete Guide to Mastering Payroll

Mekari University  

June 2023

Google UX Design


September 2022

Meta Social Media Marketing


October 2022

Google IT Support Professional


Skill Set

Social Media & Digital Marketing

   Social Media Marketing     Digital Marketing      Social Media Management      Social Media Advertising      Social Media Specialist      Content Creation      Content Marketing      Trend Analysis      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)      Search Engine Marketing (SEM)    Copywriting     Social Media Optimization (SMO)      Facebook Marketing     Facebook Ads Manager     Instagram Marketing   Instagram Advertising    Youtube Optimation    Google Ads     Google Analytics 

Content Creation & Creativity

  Graphics Design       Video Editing      Videography      Photography    Notion   Canva  Adobe Photoshop      Adobe Premiere Pro     Adobe Lightroom  Capcut  Adobe Illustrator

Office Job

   Microsoft Excel    PowerPoint    Word    SAP ERP    SAP PP Module     Problem Solver      Critical Thinking      Leadership      Management Skills     Analytical Thinking      Data Analysis  

IT Support

   Linux    Windows    Android     Debugging Skills     Networking Protocol        LDAP Server      Wireless Security      Cyber Security    Hardware Troubleshooting


  English — C2 Proficient      Indonesian — Native   Sundanese — Native    

Licenses & Certifications

Digital Marketing BNSP


Issued June 2023

Complete Guide to Mastering Payroll

Mekari University    

Issued August 2023  

Intro to Digital Marketing


Issued July 2022

Google UX Design


Issued March 2023 

ACP Adobe Illustrator Badge


Issued March 2023  

ACP in Graphic Design & Illustration


Issued March 2023

Meta Social Media Marketing Badge


Issued October 2022

Social Media Marketing Professional


Issued October 2022 

Google Digital Marketing Certificate


Issued January 2023 

Google DigiMar & E-commerce Badge


Issued January 2023

IT Support Google Professional 


Issued October 2022 

Google IT Support Badge


Issued October 2022