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Hsuan-Ju Lin (Grace)

Career Objective

I am interested in Android and web development, and care a lot about the scalability, availability and reliability of software. Inspired by The effective engineer, I hope to join an effective team treasuring the iteration speed, user response and engineering cultures to improve my personal skills as a valuable programmer and hope to grow up as a successful engineer in the future.

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Masters of Computer Science and Engineering  •  National Taiwan Ocean University 

Bachelor of Communications, Navigation and Control Engineering  •  National Taiwan Ocean University 

When I was a sophomore, I participated in lots of software and hardware competitions, and found I am more interested in software development. As a senior of University, I decided to be an exchange student of the computer science department of Canada University to confirm whether I like computer science or not. After finishing the exchange student's life, I immediately switched to study in master degree of computer science, and finished my first Android App development in the same time. In additional to Learn Meteor and React in my spare time, I also participated in IBM internship and experienced lots of team work. I hope to stay passionate in this field and keep learning all the time.

Master’s Thesis : Interactive Workflow-based RESTful Service Composition Using Swagger and Graph Database

The research proposed an innovative service composition algorithm, Interactive Workflow-based Composition (IWC) which reflects RESTful API resources in Neo4j Graph Database through annotation engine and swagger parser. The algorithm is based on workflow, and not only considers hypermedia and API version, but also interact with developers iteratively to meet developer's requirements to find the best service composition for developer. Developers could use our Workflow-based Query Language to send the requirement to our system, IWC to look for service composition.


Java, Android, Spring

  • I developed the Android App SnapEvent from preliminary design to production. The processes were recorded in my GitHub posts.
  • In the term of IBM internship, I delivered the IBM workshop and developed Siri Android App for the workshop, and shared it with other interns. 
  • In the term of IBM internship, I developed Android app, IBM Secretary.
  • I maintained NTOU App with other two classmates in lab.
  • I was familiar with servlet and the concept of object-oriented programming.
  • I am using Spring Boot in IWC as Model pattern in MVC framework.

Meteor, React, Redux, Javascript, css, html

English&Explore the world

  • I was being a backpacker for 1 month in the America and Canada.
  • I was an exchange student of Memorial University of Newfoundland,Canada, and took the courses: Design Pattern, Website development, and Linux Dev tool.

Infographic Design

I work at Insight洞見 as infographic designer to improve my ability of artistic appreciation, and learn how to work with writers.

Take the article 氏族、軍閥與海賊:非洲之角的三國演義 for example. After producing infographic for the article, The average pageview increased 20%, and the visit duration increased around 80%.


Bluemix, Node-RED

I was familiar with IBM Bluemix services and tools

Docker, Jenkins

I collaborated with juniors by docker and jenkins in colledge


IBM Internship, February 2016–June 2016

Experience on being an assistant of E.SUN Hackathon workshop, developing Android App, Leap motion application, Internet of vehicles application, Serverless OpenWhisk application, holding Bluemix DevOps tool promotion.

President of NTOU English speaking club, August 2015–February 2016

I held the Toastmaster promotion, and invited Taiwan Toastmaster president, Caroline come to our activities.

Exchange Student of Memorial University of Newfoundland,Canada

I finish the courses, Design Pattern, Website development, and Linux Dev tool, and made lots of friends.

研鼎崧圖GoLife Internship, June 2013 – December 2013

QA Engineer, back-end development with NodeJS.

Infographic Designer on Insight洞見 (Volunteer), June 2013 - Present

Our mission is to build up a global vision for Taiwanese.

[IBM Intern] Create X Learning

Under the leadership of team leader, Tommy Wu, I learn a lot from the internship. I think the most important things are: (1) always ask the leader the cause of the command so that we are able to prioritize the tasks and do the high leverage activities. (2) When a new task was assigned, ask leader about the more details of achieved goal before start doing.

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[International Exchange Student] Pursue the Dream

I studied the computer science department in Memorial University of Newfoundland and discussed homework, projects, and presentations with classmates. I also participated in the Hackathon there and had a good time. It made me deciding to study master degree of computer science. 

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[Backpacker] Explore The World

Many people asked me why I took 1 month to stay at Newfoundland, Toronto, Boston and New York, and that's because I'd like to make friends with foreigner and experience their life instead of a sightseeing tour only. In Newfoundland, my friends drove me around the downtown and shared the history of Canada with me. In Boston, the students of MIT guided me looking around in the campus. In New York, I helped the landlord washing dishes and chatted with ticket scalpers and immigrants around the city. It was an interesting experience.

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[Volunteer] Be an infographic designer

After the Sunflower Movement, I believe building up a global vision is really important for Taiwanese. Therefore, I participate a NGO organization Insight洞見 and produce lots of friendly infographic for the articles in order to attract the readers’ interest.

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