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Strong optimistic property and sense of humor make me easy to make friends. In my friends` eyes, confidence and high-energy are what they see from me. Also, I love to talk with people because I realize that I can learn something indeed from the people in front of me. Exercise is one of my work everyday, it`s the best way to keep my healthy. Crazy for math and marketing, I will use my ability to build win-win situation in my Intern. Through this resume, I will show all my characteristic and sincerity. To do my best in the Intern ,hope to get a chance to show my ability. 


Here is my job and club experience. I worked at restaurant in winter and summer vacation to earn money for going abroad to join Model United Nation and it`s also my first time to leave the Taiwan and see how big the world is. Also, in school`s activity, I arrange and host many party and camp. Shy can`t be found from me. I also went scuba diving in last summer vacation and get two licenses. I am willing to try novel thing in this world. 

  • National Cheng Kung University(國立成功大學)
  • SEP 2014
    SEP 2013
    Major in Industry and Information management.(2nd、3rd)
    Major in Life and Science.(1st) (生命科學系)
  • Dragon Boat Team member(成大龍舟隊)
  • SEP 2015To strength my body and train my spirit. In this period, I learn how to work together to get the maximum benefit. Winning or losing is not
    the point
    , what I could learn from each other is the most important.
  • Model United Nation(模擬聯合國)
  • SEP 2014The official language is English so it trains me a lot in speaking or reading. Also, I met lots of people who are good at negotiating or
    allying. The skill of Speech、writing and socializing is indispensable.
    Anyway, it`s really a good experience.
  • The host of Freshman Camp(大一新生體驗營-隊輔長+主持人)
  • JUL 2015I`m one of the team member of fresh camp and lead 165 students to service our school`s fresh man in three days. We prepare three-day
    camp in 6 months. It really take me lots of time and feel stressful,
    but I learn lots of thing and enjoy the time of cooperation.

Why I think I could take this job

There are lots of people want to take this internship and so do I. It`s an unmissable chance to enhance my ability. The property of leadership、innovation、social skill is what I own. Also strong motivation of learning make me growth. Get a chance, I can show my talent and do something big in the job.

Advantage and characteristic

Always full of energy is my obvious property. With sense of humor, people around me will feel happy and comfortable all day. Also, I am optimistic and positive. I always work hard to get those what I want. To build harmonious atmosphere is good to learning and  working and I think we could do it.

Favorite thing and Hobby

Exercise is one of the most thing in my life. It not only keep me healthy but also strength my spirit and keep me in shape. Swimming and Workout are my favorite ones. I will keep challenging my limit myself. Also, exercise make me devote my mind on my job. 

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