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Travis Scott was one of the first skins in the Fortnite Icon Series, and one of the first live concerts in any video game. However, that was a long time ago and things have changed significantly since then.

Last year, Travis Scott became embroiled in controversy after fans tragically died at an Astroworld event. Scott himself has become a controversial figure after his role (or lack thereof) in the tragedy.

After that, Epic Games began distancing itselves from the rapper. The company wanted to get as far away from the incident as possible, and it seems that the devs are continuing to do that by banning the skin.

All the Icon Series skins are present, except for one key skin: Travis Scott. It hasn't been in the Item Shop in a while, and in all likelihood, that skin will never return. Initially, Fortnite considered removing cosmetics related to Scott, but stopped short of doing so.

The company did allow players to remove

This was a back-and-forth issue, and it's certain that Epic Games spent a long time debating on what to do. Ultimately, the devs decided it was best to go ahead and move on from Travis Scott and remove the cosmetics from the lockers.

the cosmetics for a refund, but hesitated on taking things out of millions of players' lockers. Inasmuch, there are Fortnite players advocating on both sides of the issue.


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