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Professional Summary 


Like most ordinary families my parents were busy with work. I had the responsibility of helping with the care of my younger sister. doing this made me responsible person today. 



English proficiency, I am good in reading and listening and speaking.The abilities of writing are normal. 



BBA: Department of Finance Private Chinese Culture University, TAIPEI, TAIWAN 



JUN 2015 - OCT 2015 CACHIER | HMS Host | Kennebunk, Maine, U.S.A I joined the project call "WAT", I just graduated from university, the job I was hired is cashier, but on the summer vacation time, The Maine always busy, so sometimes I do support others position, checking we still have enough ingredients, introduce customer promotion or special discount, making or to prepare foods.

FEB 2013 – MAR 2014 ONLINE AUCTION University of the sophomore period, I would like to earn another allowance, but the school is so busy, so I operated online auction for a while.when I do that business, I have to budget how many items I am going to purchase and how can I down the cost, which seller can give me good quality and won't delay the products, at last, convinced and coordinate to custom. 



In order to maintain the friendship with high school classmates, on the summer vacation held in the outings activities, the process of scheduling, planning,compare different accommodation and the negotiations with each hospitality manager for cost,communicate with classmates, During the tour,handle the actual situation and schedule arrangement,finally, travel costs reduced by 20%, in the beginning, only 5 people sign up, at least there are 20 people in total, from which I learned how to deal with the problem and aware of communication skills is so important, i am so pleasuring people's comming and owned the precious memories. Participated "Nepal overseas volunteer teaching project", because of differences cultural and the caste system, we can't teach them on the original way, but in the accompanying and change the teaching materials, depending on the learning situation and different cultures, we did the adjustment, finally learning atmosphere and participation be better. This experience make me know how to look at things from the different side and different perspectives, such as communicate with customers in the future, i should thinking from their side so that we can understand each other's needs and considerations. 










未來規劃 :

在未來從事採購工作過程中,希望在實務中更加強商業中溝通、談判的技巧,將其專業化,達到廠商及公司雙贏與愉快的局面,幫公司在成本、物料管控及庫存管理上做好成功的把關,同時,在樂觀、積極、努力的個性之下,將利用空閒時間,而且願意不斷地學習,持續深入採購、成本、庫存管理、盤點等與實務運作上有所相關的專業知識、技能,深信在職業技巧上,必定有所成長並受益於公司。 感謝 貴公司今日撥空閱讀我的履歷,摯盼能進一步至 貴公司面談,謝謝您!    

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