陳冠鈞 Evan Chen

[email protected]  •  (+886) 928-307-205  •  Changhua, Taiwan

Positive in everything I believe in, I love to travel and share with people. Just go straight and finish it, which is the ultimate goal.







版本控制: Git 略懂  

工具:CMD and Sourcetree 


工具CentOS 編輯器:VScode,codepen

Works                                                 Languages

爵士鼓鍵盤化 (HTML+CSS+jQuery+Javascript)

相片大小外觀設定 (HTML+CSS+jQuery+Javascript)

時鐘網頁化 (HTML+CSS+jQuery+Javascript)

待辦事項Todolist (HTML+CSS+Vue.js)


TOEIC: 705 / 990 May 2014

 TOEFL: 68 / 120 February 2014 


經歷一, 2017 年 5 月 - 2017年 8 月

Research Assistant in National Sun Yat-Sen University, 2017

--data analysis, experiment operations, and paper writing 

經歷二,2016 年 11 月 - 2017 年 5 月

Pou Chen Group Material Engineer 

-Basic analysis of shoes’ material and process problem sourcing 

-Fundamental mechanical and crocking experiment operations 

-Development and innovation of mold shoes


    To make the team stronger is the best. I am Evan, an undergraduate, majoring in Material science and engineering. I love to share, learn everything, share and travel as well. Positive at positions, I am also willing to co-work with anyone. To ideal job for me is enjoy myself while working , which is to be a programmer or problem solver. 

     Worked in Pou Chen Group, analyzing the experiments’ data and problem sourcing from the shoes’ process. With basic chemistry and physics background, we are capable of the position where we are, but still we do need more for the automatic and process sourcing knowledge for problem solving. Right now, web design languages are my first stop like HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. In the coming competitive environment, I would like to keep learning without being defeated. 

     Two years in volunteer clubs where I participated, I was the leader and chair of the parliament in department of material science. I enjoy hanging out with everyone because there’s always something we would learn from each. Another two year in internships and management courses make me sure that teamwork makes the best work ever. National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center was one of the interesting places I have ever been for interns. The X-ray machine and its operations are exciting, and its applications are the most. Also, the travel agency is intriguing. We learn how to handle anything to do with customers and the way the hang out. For an engineering student, it’s a great experience to stay in this company. No high-tech, no research, there’s only people-to-money conversation related. Different internships experience me a lot.

     In Shanghai for exchange students, I love the new environment and people from all over the world. Also, I stay exercising and workout while free, which keeps myself in a good state at jobs The ideal position is Software Engineer. I am also well at working with coworkers. I would stay in the company which is full of challenges and new tasks, with different languages I have, like English, Japanese a little, I take challenges from jobs and make the best efforts for the team in the computer science company.

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