Lîm Tsú-thuàn/林子篆/Danny

@Tainan, Taiwan

Email: [email protected]

GitHub: https://github.com/dannypsnl


6+ years of development experience, including compiler, networking, and web application. I create a workable theorem prover. I can build a production-level programming language compiler from scratch, especially for functional and logical programming language. I have depth knowledge of Kubernetes and container-networking. I am also interested in embedded systems, I have tried to build a keyboard, and start playing on different boards like arduino(AVR), raspberry pi(aarch64), etc.


  • General purpose: Racket, Julia
  • Theorem proving: Agda, Arend
  • System programming: Zig, C
  • Web: Erlang/Elixir


  • Networking: DPDK, eBPF
  • Compiler: closure conversion, object encoding, optimization, arm64/x64 assembly
  • Type theory: dependent type, gradual typing
  • Frontend: Svelte, React
  • Cluster: Kubernetes
  • Backend: Phoenix, Postgres, TimescaleDB

Work Experience

  • Aionic Labs: use Elixir/Phoenix stack with TimescaleDB, develop game site template, our product allows users join videorooms on the site to play with friends, join to watch event, post articles, etc.
  • Glasnostic: Deeply work with nowadays networking fundamental(include but not limited to eBPF, DPDK) to maintain the product: a network filter/analyzer only need four norms: request, bandwidth, concurrency, and latency but able to manage complex infrastructure.
  • AndroVideo: Developing cloud web service with container-solution, and maintaining the device(camera) HMI system by communicating with the Android system.
  • Mapacode: Developing Human Machine Interface to interact with CNC.
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