ZhengHong  Jiang

Taiwan   [email protected]   www.linkedin.com/in/zh-jiang-exe


Expert: Java, Spring MVC, MyBatis, SQL, JUnit, Mockito, JavaScript, React, Redux, HTML, RESTful APIs

Intermediate: Spring Boot, Gradle, Hibernate, RabbitMQ, Liquibae, Git, JQuery, Webpack, Gulp

Learning: Docker, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Spring Cloud, Redis, React Native, Electron.js, AngularJs1.X


Software Developer - BJSS, London, Oct 2019 ~ Present

  • Client 1 - RBS - Java Backend Development
    Involved in a Metric Board project from scratch stage
    Implemented RESTful API and improved test cases 
    Worked in an Agile environment
Tech Stack:
Java, Vert.x, MongoDB, JUnit, AssertJ, Git, Docker, GitLab CI

Software Engineer - IF TEK, Taiwan, Oct 2019 ~ Present

Development product of the customer relationship management system and e-commerce app 

  • Reduced the building time of projects development 20%
  • Introduced suitable tools successful improve the team's work
  • Enhanced the maintainability of the existing code through separating and refactoring projects
  • Integrated unit test and tools to support growing projects
  • Created the first showcase page of Eton Wedding App and backstage management pages that brings new customers(Installs: 5000+) using React Native
Tech Stack:
Java, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, SQL, MyBatis, JUnit, Mockito, Gradle, RESTful API
RabbitMQ, Redis, Oracel Database, Wildlfy, Docker, Git, Intellij IDEA
JavaScript, React, Redux, Semantic UI, Webpack, Gulp, React Native, Electron.js

Software Engineer - BLUE TECHNOLOGY, Taiwan, Oct 2013 ~ Jun 2016

Development of different companies systems, especially telecom portal sites and internal system

  • Implemented the traditional web sites using Java, JSP, JQuery
  • Built the environment of the Front-End Angular.js project, and supported the company that migrate the tradition web to the separated Front-End and Back-End
  • Taught all partners(20+) using AngularJs 1.x to create the application and gave the advice which avoids JavaScript common mistakes and weird bugs
Tech Stack:
Java, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, SQL, Oracle Database, Weblogic
JavaSript, JQuery, AngularJs1.x, Boostrap, Webpack, Gulp, SVN, Eclipse


Bachelor - Computer Science and Multimedia Design

Taiwan Shoufu University, Taiwan

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