Chen You, Bai


+886-988-703-395 | [email protected]
Taipei, Taiwan



National Taiwan University, Sep 2014 - Present

Major in International Business| Minor in Library Information 

Taichung First Senior High School, Sep 2012 - Jun 2014

Graduated from Language Talented Class

Academic Performance

  • Class Rank 8 out of 91
  • Full Year GPA  4.09/4.3
  • TOEFL iBT  Total score 108 ( Reading 30 Listening 30 Speaking 24 Writing 24)


Try, Challenge

I have a broad span of interests, including violin and sports and also singing. I'm willing to try new things and never hesitate to embrace difficulties ahead of me. For example, in my senior year, I minor in Library information in order to gain deeper understanding in another academic field.Exchange life is undoubtedly a challenge to me, but I look forward to expand my horizon and also challenge my limit through competition throughout the world. 

Share, Stories

I believe that stories are the bridges between individuals, so I love to write down ideas and thoughts, which enhance the abundance of life and intrigues different perspectives. I enjoy sharing and learning by interacting with various people, in turns builds up better empathy toward humanity.    

Step by step

"No pain, no gain." I believe that nothing could be completed without hard work and perseverance, so I culminate various skills and accumulate experiences by encouraging myself to participate in pragmatic activities. Step by step, I establish my personal brand and gain better understanding of what I want in the future.

International Affair

The NTU & USC Case Competition, May 2016 

Selected from College of Management out of 5 departments to host a case competition with University of Southern California students.Cooperated and delivered an English presentation which eventually ranked 3rd in the case competition


Cross Strait Exchange Summer Camp, Jul 2015 - Aug 2015

Selected from College of Management out of 5 departments for a 14 days academic and cultural exchange. Served as team leader and managed administration business and financial expenditure, also structured welcome ceremony for 60+ participants from Peiking University.

11148525_820772161347870_8811897759702137188_o (1).png

International Student Orientation, Aug 2015 - Sep 2015

By joining the program held by OIA, I met exchange students from different countries, and introduced the campus to them in English through the process of tour guide 


Intern Experience 

ELLE UX and marketing research intern, Oct 2016 - Present

Participate in UX research and conduct various marketing research to develop process according to user experience.Develop the ability to figure out customer insight through data analysis and data mining.


SmartM editorial intern, Jul 2016 - Present

Through editing E-commerce articles and dealing with digital, social marketing issues.Realize the up-coming trend of business and also hone skills in interpretation and conclusion. 


KPMG auditing intern, Jul 2016 - Aug 2016

Participate in the process of auditing, tax sampling and various financial affairs, which enhance the ability in professional field and also familiar with firm culture.


Team Work 

International Business Student Association, Sep 2015 - June 2016

Initiated 5 big events within a year for IB students to participate in.Improved cooperative skills and team building, the most memorable event was organizing a team of 20 people to host promenade, which attracted 100+ participants total.


International Business Camp, 01 Jan 2015 - 04 Feb 2016

As a team counselor, led a team of 12 members to develop marketing and managing strategies through case discussion. Instructed team members to solve case project and presentation skills, which eventually won the first prize in case. competition. 


Change Management Project, 01 Jan 2015 - 04 Feb 2016  

Convinced a coffee shop to work with our group for one semester, including by unveiling human resource, marketing ideas, and also finance information to us. Developed various marketing strategies to help improve business sales by 25% during slack season.


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