Max Chang

2+ years of experience in Python development. A self-motivated learner and cross-functional team worker with strong problem-solving skills. Currently a software engineer working on mechanical design automation algorithms and distributed job scheduler for in-house design tools.

email: [email protected]




•  python   

•  C 

•  VBA 


• Flask

• SQL         

• Redis

• Shapely

• Git

• Shell


• Business fluency in English 
   (TOEIC 955)


Software Engineer, Chunghwa Precision Test, Taipei, Taiwan                       Mar. 2021 – Now

• Developed and maintained an in-house distributed job scheduler for various design tools. Dozens of tools are running on the system stably and the number keeps increasing.
• Adopted Redis-Queue for user notification and Redis-Lock to avoid race condition when multiple threads or machines working on the same file.
• Implemented timeout mechanism for job scheduler using multi-threading and subprocess to ensure tasks will not be stuck forever.
• Refactored and integrated legacy bespoke modules to simplify the execution flow of worker threads for job scheduler into one flexible class.
• Developed geometric algorithms for mechanical design automation and cascaded Solidworks APIs with remote python auto-design services to build design flow for the next generation in-house mechanical auto-design system.
• Built auto-dimensioning and data extraction modules for an in-house mechanical semi-auto design system, which saved 20% of designing time per case.

Mechanical Engineer, TECO Electric & MachineryTaipei, Taiwan            Nov 2013 - Mar 2020

• Expatriated to TECO-Westinghouse in NA in 2017. Established regional engineering team for functions of 
   motor quotation and technical service.
• Facilitated cross-functional communication to accelerate a cross-region collaborative project with multiple 
   teams between NA and Taiwan.



Learning software system knowledge like ASM, GDB, Linux signal, concurrency, IPC, etc.. by implementing the following topics using ANSI C: 

• Implemented a concurrent caching Web proxy.

• Developed an LRU cache simulator.

• Wrote my own version of the dynamic memory allocator.

• Shell with the ability to handle Linux signals.

Learning Note:


National Taiwan University 2011 - 2013 

MSc Institute of Applied Mechanics, majored in Thermal and Fluid Science

National Taiwan University 2007 - 2011

BSc Mechanical Engineering

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