Max Chang (張嘉棋)

Self-motivated learner with strong problem-solving skills, passionate about programming and machine learning. Possess hands-on experience of writing codes in python and machine learning frameworks such as tensorflow, sklearn.

I was a mechanical engineer with 6+ years of experience in manufacturing industry, working with cross-functional teams for new products design, cost analysis and FAE.  



•  python     

•  SQL 

Machine/Deep Learning 

•  Tensorflow

•  Keras

•  Scikit-learn

•  Opencv


•  pyspark 
•  Git 
•  Docker

 • Toeic 955


Advanced studies,  Mar 2020 - present                                 

To enhance my ability of programming, knowledge about machine learning and tools for data science, I've completed several courses within the period.

•   Digital image processing, Deep Learning and Data Mining.
•   Digital signal processing and Advanced analog IC design.

On online learning platform:
   CS50 - Introduction to computer science (parts about C programming) and Stanford-Algorithms.

   Machine Learning Foundations and Techniques.

•   SQL bootcamp and Big Data Analytics Using Spark.

Associate Researcher,  Oct 2017 - Mar 2020                                TECO Electric & Machinery 

•   Designed a special application large induction motor first time in Taiwan and collaborated with the 
    North America branch; coordinated technical transfer of a new critical manufacturing process.

•   Provided vibration technical support in Singapore and Malaysia. Solved problems within a week to ensure 

    commissioning complies with customer's schedule.

•   Conducted transient shock analysis, modal vibration analysis for large induction motor by Abaqus 

     successfully; submitted demanding technical report to customer and received recognition.

Assistant Researcher,  Nov 2013 - Sep 2017                                TECO Electric & Machinery 

•   Expatriated to branches in North America for 9 months (Canada 3 months, U.S. 6 months). Established        

     regional engineering center, involving functions of motor quotation, spec. confirmation, technical service 

     and product promotion.

•   Contributed to high speed vertical thrust motor development and build a new product line. Obtained patent 

     "Motor device with heat dissipation channel, TW M518440"

•   Responsible for motor structure design and drawing, on-site operation assistance, and product quotation & 

     cost analysis.

Side projects

Readings 00 00@2x

AI playing Sonic the hedgehog

Trained an AI playing Sonic by Deep Reinforcement Learning model: Asynchronous Advantage Actor-Critic with LSTM cell. 


Readings 00 01@2x


Trained a FCN badminton tracking model using TrackNet. 


Readings 00 00@2x


Clustering amazon dataset including ~6M users review (Music.txt)  by Kmeans and DBSCAN with Jaccard coefficient. Visualize using TSNE dimension reduction algorithms.

Readings 00 01@2x

Shortest Path Finding

Apply shortest path finding algorithms to solve complicated maze. 

• Randomized Prim's      • Dijkstra's 

• Breadth First Search    • A* Search 

• Q-Learing + Depth First Search 



National Chiao-Tung University, Sep 2020 - present

M.S. Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering, in-service master's program

National Taiwan University, Sep 2011 - Jun 2013

M.S. Institute of Applied Mechanics

National Taiwan University, Sep 2007 - Jun 2011

B.S. Department of Mechanical Engineering