林子芸 (Miwa Lin)

With more then 3 years in front-end development and maintenance, also having the sensitivity of UI/UX.
Passionate about learning to write efficient, secure, well-documented, readability and clean code.

     Front-End Engineer   Taipei , TW   [email protected]



  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • jQuery 
  • Lodash
  • Vue.js / Vue-cli / Nuxt.js
  • Quasar-cli
  • Syncfusion


    • CSS3 / Scss / Less
    • Bootstrap


    • npm
    • Xshell
    • Git / Github / Gitlab
    • Svn / Git Svn / TortoiseSVN
    • Azure DevOps Server (TFS)


      PChome eBay Co., Ltd. (Ruten)Front-End Engineer
      Mar 2021 ~ Current

      Proposing autonomously optimizing website's UX.

      • Adjust the sorting and searching process of the order list.
      • Let consistency over website by updating the old style component and code.

      Import with Vue.js in an existing old pages.

      • Rewriting legacy code to Vue.js in order to get rid of the old baggage.
        (ex. The HTML that embed PHP and the JS that have a lot of jQuery)
      • Building modular and reusable components so code can be more maintainable.

      【Skills to use】

      Fu Jen Catholic University - Center of Information Technology, Contractor - Front-End Engineer
      Sep 2019 ~ Mar 2021

      Front-end planning process, created responsive websites and the business logic development.

      • Majorly responsible for front-end development, 3 projects independently and 2 projects with other one front-end engineer.
      • Discuss the JSON format with the back-end.
      • Participate in functional project discussion.

      Evaluating and introducing the Framework to speed up the development.

      • Assisting back-end (ASP.NET Core) in using Syncfusion on new project.
      • Guiding colleagues to use the Quasar Framework for front-end development.

      【Skills to use】
      HTML、Scss、JavaScript、Vue.js、Vuex、axios、Quasar Framework、Lodash.js、ApexCharts.js、T-SQL


      ツイステ Database Go To Page

      Japanese mobile game【twisted wonderland】database website
      2021/05 ~ 2021/06

      Works designed and developed independently, also continue to update and maintain information.
      Provides players with information about cards and activities, as well as the most important function_ModifyTeam. By calculating and displaying the team information, it is easier for players to create an ideal team to battle.

      Framework:Nuxt2、Quasar Framework

      【Use Firebase_Realtime Database】
      • Document an Express API with swagger-ui-express and swagger-jsdoc.
      • Used Axios and Vuex to Consume APIs.
      • Data encryption and decryption using CryptoJs
      【Deploy with heroku】
      • used cron-job.org for keeping Heroku dyno awake by schedule recurring visits.
      【Basic CRUD operations on backstage】
      • Authenticate with Firebase Using Gmail.
      【using RWD and building a PWA】

      Fundraising Forestage Go To Page

      New FJU Alumni & Fundraising System
      2019/10 ~ 2021/03

      Improve the offline paper donation process and make fundraising easier and faster, in addition, increase the visibility of fundraising activities on campus.

      Framework:Vue.js、Quasar Framework
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      Alumni Forestage Go To Page

      New FJU Alumni & Fundraising System
      2019/10 ~ 2021/03

      Assemble the dedicated services of alumni that simple to get a taste of services, moreover, can login to maintain personal information.

      Framework:Vue.js、Quasar Framework
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      Alumni & Fundraising Backstage

      New FJU Alumni & Fundraising System
      2019/10 ~ 2021/03

      The newly developed Alumni & Fundrasing backstage not only makes it user-friendly to maintain the frontstage, but also integrates the information of alumni and donors that school can provide better care.

      Framework:Vue.js、Quasar Framework
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      Fu Jen Catholic University


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