The courage to challenge, optimistic and enterprising, good communication skills. 

Optimistic personality so that I can setbacks to stand up immediately, everything carefully listening, slowly said, quickly solve the problem. In addition to a very clear understanding of each other to express the meaning and needs, holding a modest heart and a positive attitude to resolve the conflict and solve the problem.

Motto: Attitude in addition to determine their own height also determines their own depth

 E-mail :[email protected]
 Cell Phone : 0987737299
  Address : Kaohsiung, TWN

Current Job : ASE (On duty)

Duties : Project engineer


Process Imporve

-SPC /SOP loading simplified 

-DOE validation/ NPI import 

-SPEC / BOM develope

-QC 7 Tools / G8D analysis report

-FMEA simulate / FA analysis 

-UPH / OEE enhance 

-Trouble shooting reduce 

-Parameter Verification and Experiment -OS ppm reduce / Yield improve 

-Machine maintenance and repair 

-Products SOD commit

-Cost down and saving (PDCA)

Team Work

-Co-work customer with MFG/EE/PE/QA 

-Host and attend the meeting (WAR) 

-Working plan and project execution 

-Organize activities (invite departments) -Equipment manufacturers / Vendors


-Description announcement

-Writing materials

-Exam and practice

-QCC / Case study / Workshop


Master's degree- (Sep 2014 - Jun 2016 )

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) 

- Department of Microelectronics Engineering

Thesis : Discussion BUMP used in copper wire of the process

Bachelor degree- (Sep 2004 - Jun 2008 )

I-Shou University (ISU)- Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Senior high school- (Sep 2001 - Jun 2004 )

Cheng Yi Senior High School


Experience 01, 03 Aug 2009 - Present (Nearly twelve years) 

 Worked at : ASE (Advanced Semiconductor Engineering) Group 

 Duties : Process project engineer Award : 2013 Yield model employee

Experience 02, Jun 2006 - Jun 2008

Worked at : Watch shop

Duties : salesperson

Born, 27 Nov 1985 


  • Photography and photo retouching
  • Traveling and enjoy the food
  • Magic / Music / Movie (3M)
  • Playing all kinds of ball / Jogging
  • Take a dog for a walk
  • Church worship
  • Like self challenge

Why I want to join 

Because the personality courage to challenge, I hope to be able to continue to learn the development of new processes in the field of unknown, want to know how much their own degree can play. 

Because I like teamwork also like to communicate with each other, teaching each other .

Because I like to cross the department to learn before and after the process site field, to study its relevance and abnormal points, and sometimes limited to their own areas of study easy to find a real problem.

If successful, I would endeavor to give you every satisfaction. Thanks for your reading

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