林晏安 Vege

[email protected]

Job & Degree

Starlux Airline Back-End Engineer, 2018/11 - Current

Develop and design internal and external micro service for official website. 

Parexel Site Intelligence Analyst, 2018/07 - 2018/11

Clean and maintain medical site and personnel big data. Build and deploy survey to specific target in database. 

Larvata Node.js & PHP engineer 2017/12 - 2018/07

Transferred from PHP to Node.js engineer by self-learning during work in one month and develop crawler (puppeteer), data analysis (lodash), API (express.js).

Life Link Full-stack engineer, 2017/01/13 - 2017/07/31

Tainan's startup. Responsible for full-stack debug and develop, structure analyze, project design. Participated and planned point payment service project. Experienced in bank linking banks and third party payment API. Bring in PDO in RD team to replace traditional MySQL script.

NTUST Architecture / Information Management, 2011/09 - 2015/06

Changed major from Architecture to Information Management. First place of graduated project research competition by "Drawing - painting social platform".













Toeic: 865 

Toeic S/W: 130/140


Node.js Puppeteer crawler

Self-learning Node.js and Puppeteer from beginner to develop online products within a month. During the period, I learn to build environment by Docker, manage data by Redis and Phinx, clean data by Cheerio and Lodash. This experience let me discover my passion of self-challenged and jumping out the comfort zone.

Web attack

Trying to attack and test developing web site by SQL injection and XXS. Understanded PHP’s magic_quote purpose and crucial sense of SQL script. Import PDO into RD team to prevent insecure SQL script.

OpenCart module conflict repairing

Fixed modules which conflicts with new template by studying and tracing module’s purpose and logic. Understanded MVC web site structure during the time. Experienced in linking API of Facebook, Google map, bank payment on OpenCart and Wordpress.

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