Vege Lin(林晏安)

[email protected]

Job & Education

Starlux Airline Back-End Engineer, 2018/11 - Current

- Synchronously develop more than 4 projects by oneself

- Improve and detect system optimization possibility.

- Design RESTful API node express pattern to develop project more efficiently.

- Technical sharing (e.g. asynchrony process practice, ngrok testing technique).

Educations 00 00@2x

Parexel Site Intelligence Analyst, 2018/07 - 2018/11

- Clean and maintain medical site and personnel big data.

- Build and deploy survey to specific target in database. 

Educations 00 00@2x

Larvata Node.js & PHP engineer 2017/12 - 2018/07

- Transferred from PHP to Node.js engineer by self-learning in one month.

- Develop data crawler (puppeteer.js) and data brushing (Lodash.js).

Educations 00 00@2x

Acer  Security engineer 2017/09 - 2017/11

- Analyze customer's system weaknesses.

- Advise how to prevent high risk flaw in the system.

Educations 00 00@2x

Life Link Full-stack engineer, 2017/01 - 2017/07

- In charge of full-stack debug and develop, structure analyze, project design. 

- Design and develop point payment service project.

Educations 00 00@2x

NTUST Architecture / Information Management, 2011/09 - 2015/06

- Changed major from Architecture to Information Management.

- First place of graduated project research competition by "Drawing - painting social platform".

Educations 00 00@2x


Core skills 

Node.js, Express.js, Puppeteer.js

Redis, MongoDB, Docker

Side skills 

MySQL, PDO, Phinx, Laravel

Django, docker-compose


Toeic: 870 (2019)

Toeic S/W: 140/140 (2019)


Project tamers in a startup airline 2019

In a startup airline company, every project's demand looks like a hungry monster. Even so, I still can develop and manage two major projects and several side projects as a developer and a project manager synchronously without team leader's concern. Besides multitasking experience, I also inherited the last CTO's expectation. I confronted and fixed many critical problems that people chose to let it go.

Critical thinking with CTO in Larvata 2018

Directly co-work with company's CTO. During our developing, we equally discussed project's logic and he admired that I always chose to point out and discuss everywhere I think it can be improved instead of just following every order. It proved my working values and I deeply appreciate him.

Node.js Puppeteer crawler 2018

Self-learning Node.js and Puppeteer from beginner to develop online products within a month. During the period, I learn to build environment by Docker, manage data by Redis and Phinx, clean data by Cheerio and Lodash. This experience let me discover my passion of self-challenged and jumping out the comfort zone.

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