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     I graduated from NTU Mechanical Engineering, major in Thermal&Fluid, my research interests are mechanism design (AutoCAD, Soildwork), semiconductor process (Photolithography, microfluidics), Computational Statistics and Image processing, see pg 2. I'm looking forward to start working and also studying Machaine Learning (Andrew Ng, Stanford) by the recordvedio now. 


National Taiwan University - Mechanical Engineering                                                             (2014-2016)

- Microscale Heat Transfer Laboratory
- Major in Thermodynamics, Fluid dynamics and Heat Transfer. 
- My research is covered by mehanism design, photolithography, image processing and computational statistics. (see pg. 2) 

Taipei Tech - Energy and Refrigerating Air Conditioning Engineering                                       (2010-2014) 

- Major in Refrigeration&Air Conditioning Design and Energy Saving, Solar Engineering, The fuel cell.


NTU - Teaching Assistant                    (2014-2016)

- assistant of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. 
- core values of teaching:「from being taught to teach」. 

Taipei Tech - Public Relation                    (2010-2014)

- Event General Coordinator, set the most popular party over the years, seven hundred people involved.

- Leadership, Communication skills, Creativity.

Military service                   Aug. 2016 - July. 2017

- As the orderly man of the commander.
- Offshore Islands of Taiwan, Dongyin.
- Back to Taiwan once a quarter.

Starbucks                             Dec. 2012 - Nov. 2013

- As the Barista of Zhong Xin store.
- Team work and Time management.
- Sales skills and Customer Service skills.

Dingshou inc.                         June 2010 - Aug. 2010 

- Intern.

- massproduction on the refrigeration.

Master Thesis

On the Planktonic Locomotion in a Microfluidic Device 

Research Background 

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) occur frequently in the global coastal areas in recent years. This marine disaster is caused by the sudden proliferation and aggregation of plankton causing hypoxia and toxins. In the research, that HABs would loss tens millions dollars one year. Because the HABs covered the knowldge of Biodiversity and Biogeography, such complex problems haven't the technical of predictions, precautions and controls.


Design a mechanism (Cam) to provide a sinusoidal pressure source.

Build an optical imaging system and image tracking method to calculate the statistical activities. 

Provide a controlled micro-environment (ex: flow field strength, radiation intensity, nutrient concentration, salinity).


At the beginning, I have to face the different problems and challenges every day, learning how to find a solution, it told me when things like the endless sea, the only way is to pick the small stones up from the foot step by step, finally you will achieve the goal. The practice of the study also told me hard working and observing the details is necessary. On the road to success, do not forget to be humble, hard working, careful and shared.

Research Interests


-Mechanism design-

1. Cam mechanism design 
2. Photoelectric sensor



1. Photoresist coating 
2. Exposure 
3. Development 
4. Etching


-Visual Tracking-

1. Image processing 
2. Image tracking 


-Computational Statistics-

1. Probability Density Function
2. Expected value and Standard deviation
3. Regression Analysis
4. Uncertainty Analysis 



Advanced Thermodynamics、Advanced heat transfer、Viscous fluid、Ideal fluid、flight dynamic、two phase flow(liquid-gas)、 Principles of Refrigeration and AirConditioning、electronic circuitry、 Statistics、microbiology

programming language



Image processing、Micro-Particle Velocimetry、NEMS process、Thermography、English speed typing50~75、Chinese speed typing75~100



About me

  I was not the best one, but I am the most anticipated student in the college. I got my inspiring mottos when I was the No.1 in the graduate entrance examination for the NTUME. "Nothing is impossible to willing mind. I have achieved my goal which is to get the master of National Taiwan University in academic career. This is the perfect ending for me. 

  In two years of the master degree, I have the ability to apply the knowledges for the experiments. I love to practice how to figure out the new phenomena every day. In my study, you have to know about the biodiversity and biogeography that improves the ability of interdisciplinary learning. I’m looking forward to be a team player in the future. 

  Thanks my parents for providing me with all resources when I am a students. It helps me concentrate on study. But I realied that work experience is also important to me. So I had an intern at Dingshou on the summer vaction. From the base of the refrigeration component assembly to understand the entire production line and process, let me learn about the works of refrigerator technician. In two months of intern, I realived that I don’t want to be a technician in the future. After that, I had a Starbucks part time job for one year. I was able to communicate with customer naturally after six months of work. I learned how to arrange process to optimize the efficiency by making a cup of coffee. This is I can’t learn at school. 

  That’s talk about why I chose mandatory military service rather than R&D alternative service. I think being a solder is an inevitable part of life. From the soldier life could learn how to accomplish a task with unfamiliar person under the unreonable environment. I was so lucky to take a trip in Dongyin where I had never heard before. I’m responsible for the security of information, document, computer and smart phone. It makes me practice how to assign the tasks and hierarchical management. For now, I have ended the journey of the Dongyin. I’m ready for the challenge.


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