Lesia Lin

My Project

Digital Video Stabilization

Description :
Low-cost, stabilization function in dashcam ASIC. 

 Work scope: 
Algorithm development, paper survey, algorithm simulation, firmware implementation, testing and tuning.

 Syntek, Sep 2011 - Jun 2013

Lane Departure

Description: Warning function to alarm a driver as driver beginning to move away the lanes. 

Work scope:

algorithm simulation, firmware implementation, testing and tuning.

 Syntek Semiconductor, Sep 2011 - Jun 2013

Electronic Video Stabilization

Description: Video stabilization and rolling shutter correction using gyroscope, which applied in 20x zoom IP camera. 

Work scope:

paper survey, algorithm simulation and implementation, fixed point programming. 

ACTi corporation, Jun 2013 - March 2015

Tracking in Virtual Reality

Description: Eye tracking and position tracking brings user's vision and position (hands and head) into virtual reality, make user have more immersive experience into virtual world. 

 working scope: 

Eye tracking: 

For algorithm development, include pupil detection, gaze coordinate mapping, lens distortion, eye calibration and helmet design with HW engineer.  For implementation, include dsp optimization, algorithm implementation. 

Position tracking: 

dsp optimization,  bit true verification, system design verification,  algorithm development. 

 MediaTek, March 2015 - Present