I can do it, because I believe.

Graduated from Dept. of Electrical Engineering National Taiwan Normal University.

      [email protected]

“Solving problems, just happened to be an iOS engineer.” 

3 years of iOS develop experience, be able to single handle middle scale app(8000 DAU) and build app from scratch. Pay attention to quality and scalability of code and write testable infrastructure(MVVM, Viper-like Clean Swift), design pattern and test case, and use profile and analytics tool to improve code quality.


JUN 2020  - Now

Mobile Developer in Binji

A Fintech app integrate credit cards and easily manage your transactions from different banks and accounts with one app and one Binji card. The app use bluetooth to communicate with the Binji card which this the only card you need to take out and shop. Handled transaction with our credit card processer. The app is also an PFM(personal financial management) taking control of your budget and see the spending pie charts of transactions.

  • Binji APP :

AUG 2018 - Now

Hosting and Sharing iOS technic in meetup [email protected] in Taiwan weekly since AUG 2018. We have three co-host (which I am one of it) take turns to share technic of iOS and discuss it afterwards.

  • facebook group events :
  • Keynotes I've shared:

JUN 2018  - DEC 2019

iOS developer in UPN

A E-commerce platform focus on moms and babies. With 8000 DAU and multimillion revenue. Still we keep our crash-free more than 99.9%. The contribution from me to the app is make codebase testable and add some test case to make it more reliable, not only add new feature to it but also refactor the old one for better performance and smoother. The most challenged part is to improve fps of display and memory control. We use Texture a framework created by former FB engineer to achieve that. This app is hybrid with Objective-C and Swift, so it need to put more effort to well manage two different kind of language.

  • Mamilove APP :

NOV 2017 - JUN 2018

iOS developer In 25 sprout
A medical content base platform which provide doctors to read latest news about specific field. In charge of whole infrastructure and 70% of the work.

  • Roche CIT:

A car trading platform which allow you upload your own car and sell to potential buyer. In charge of one of the flow including edit and upload multi-image in the operation. There are more than 10 people involved in this project
  • Carguru:

FEB 2017 - OCT 2017

iOS developer In Jiaben

Jiaben team had personal changes so that I took in charge for iOS maintenance and development. Start to self learn iOS development and upgrade Swift version from 2 to 3.

  • Jiaben   :

AUG 2015 - AUG 2016

Funder, Project Owner

Set up a team for "Jiaben", an app solving what to eat.
Created business model and pivot, developed strategies, work distribution
participate in entrepreneurial competition


Problem Solving

1. Introducing remote config for A/B test to help define user behavior.

2. Helped import tracking data to query platform and use sequel to get marketing result from raw data.

3. Using remote notification to improve user experience and reduce custom service's headache.

4. Breaking dependency to make code more testable.

5. Introduce UI test.

Meetup Sharing

Google Analytics To Firebase Analytics   Keynote 
URL loading system                                Demo repo
Push Notification UI Test                       Keynote,  Demo repo
UUIDs & Keychain                                   Keynote,  Demo repo
, etc. see more in  my repo


iOS Related

familiar with Swift,  Objective-C

familiar git flow, github flow
be able to single handed app that DAU 6K
familiar with tracking API (FB、Google Analytics、firebase...)

familiar with RESTful api

familiar with GCD
familiar with MVVM 
familiar with Oauth mechanism 

Unit test、UI test


Python - simple web crawler

Java - simple android APP



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