Chun-Ting Lai

My name is Chun-Ting Lai, I am in junior year of National 

University of Kaohsiung and major in Electronic Engineering. 

I like to think thoroughly in any kinds of question, and i am a person who like to create innovation ideas. Since I started to do the project  research with professor from July 2016, I maintained the skills of how to reorganize the information, and logic of how to discuss problems with seniors or professor.

[email protected]

+886 0917-355-879 

 Taichung, Taiwan



1. basic operation.

2. frequency domain analysis

3. operations of LineCalc, Matching with     Smith Chart.

4. Design-Guide and basic RF concept.


1. basic operation

2. drawing operation in different layer.


1. basic operation

2. create the 3D modal and        simulation environments

3. Consolidate simulation results with import and export data


President of the drama club, 18 Feb 2017 - Present

I am the president of the drama club in this semester, aiming at changing the type and content of the previous activities. In the past, the main activities were mostly about performance and self-awareness. As the time goes by, people receive messages faster and faster, the process of rehearsal has not been accepted by the community. That is, I held two innovative activities, namely "communication art workshop" and "LIFE broadcast stage play". Since some of my community cadres can't accept my innovative ideas. There are many difficulties in the process of discussion. Therefore, I have learned a lot about communication and team cooperation, and improved the depth and breadth of problem thinking. 

Overseas International Volunteers - Thailand, 19 July 2015 - 30 August 2016

In the summer vacation, I participated in the International volunteer program organized by the International student organization"AIESEC" in Bangkok University, which lasted six weeks as a teacher English. Before being assigned to countryside of Thailand, the University of Bangkok held a three-day camp. The purpose of the camp is to let the students from all over the world communicate with each other, and understand each other's culture. That is, I am not afraid of foreigners, but also like Know foreigners! During the process of being a teacher in a primary school where languages were completely useless, I learned that "love" is the best language in the world. This process also made me more independent and more likely to think deeper about the problem, not just to teach English. 


I would like to understand the industry's working environment from this internship, and provide my skills to solve the problem. Whether it is academic application, attitude of confronting the problems or interpersonal interaction, I would like to take this internship as a whole new challenge!

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