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Deron Liu (Ming-Yu)

Data Analyst

 email: [email protected]

Taipei, Taiwan


  • Data analyst - data-driven decision-making
  • Love data analysis, think logically and good at numbers
  • Teamwork player, used to work on up-tempo environment
  • Fascinated by learned new things, encourage us to continue improving
  • Expect to achieve a perfect balance between data analyst and data scientist

Work Experience

DHL - NPA Analyst / Sales Analyst,  Nov 2014 - May 2016

  • Analysed NPA score and customers data, provided reports and suggestion to major departments
  • Manipulated Excel VBA programming, provided weekly & monthly total 10 reports
  • Attend two B2C projects,  processing more than one million data and provide solutions reduce labor costs by 10%
  • Participated every month or unscheduled Asia-Pacific conference call


  • Analysis, visualization and summary DHL TW and each sales KPI commercial performance
  • Manipulated Excel and Access provided 20 reports about daily, weekly and monthly commercial data analysis.
  • Worked with IT team, tracking potential customers, provided data analysis reports and raised sales performance 2%
  • According to the requirements of supervisor and manager, design, modify and maintenance report's format and content

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Trendgo - Data Researcher,   Feb 2014 - Nov 2014

  • Wrote over 20 project planning plan for government departments and company
  • Questionnaire and methodology design
  • Cleaned and organized raw data for statistical analysis and data visualization
  • Designed and executed around 25 quantified and qualified research (National and local policies polls; Network members survey; Activities satisfaction survey)
  • Reported to the customers and gave suggestion
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Graduate Program of Big Data Management - Soochow University, Taiwan 

      Sep 2016 -

      ● Data Mining, Machine Learning, Database

Master's degree - Soochow University, Taiwan                                                                        

      Political Science, Sep 2009 - Dec 2012 

  • Public policy analysis, Quantitative research, Data analysis, Data Mining

Bachelor's degree - Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

     History, Sep 2004 - Feb 2009   


 Statistical Software and Programming

 SPSS / STATA / Excel

 R

     Python

     VBA


 Access / MS SQL Server / MySQL

 Data analysis, mining and visualization

 Data Clean / Descriptive statistics / Regression / Logistic Regression / Classification / Cluster / Association Rule


UT.7.01x Foundations of Data Analysis.png

edX - UT.7.01x: Foundations of Data Analysis 


edX - DAT204x: Introduction to R Programming


edX - DAT208x: Introduction to Python for Data Science


NTU - Python Programming Course


SCU - MS SQL Server


SCU - Big Data Analytics with R

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