Diana Ma

Keep challenging and be better.

I am a creative project management specialist who optimizes the working processes and launches marketing campaigns  in different industries. 

Because of work experience in several industries, I am skilled at communicating with various types of people, such as vendors, customers and colleagues in different departments.  Also, I am experienced in marketing campaigns, including training for product trail, EDM, videos, monthly journal, digital marketing.    

          Taipei City, Taiwan  

 Work Experience

Jul 2020 - Nov 2021, 1 years 5 months

Project Management Specialist

Taiwan Mobile Co, Ltd


I worked in the Sustainability and Brand Development Division. The work includes project management, marketing planning and website management. 

The Key Responsibilities and Achievements
1. I formulated the micro films for 
the charity event and raised Christmas presents for the 303 disadvantaged children in 23 days.
2. I formulated the animations in 
Sun Moon Lake fireworks concert in 2020, and more than thirty thousand audience went to the concert. we invited the symphony orchestra, pop music stars to complete this charity music event.
3. The task I am working on is to maintain and revise 
the website and app named ‘’Weile Zhigong (微樂志工)’’. It is a platform to help charities seek volunteers and raise funds more efficiently.
4. I held 
online sports activities for employees in the company. Participants use the sports app "mySports" to record how many calories they burn during a six-week workout. The number of participants increased by 5%, and the sum of calories grew by 10% or so.
5. I coordinated with colleagues from the finance department and organized consistent projects for the Taiwan Mobile Foundation, such as 
yearly projects plans, budget, reports and annual accounts.

Dec 2019 - May 2020, 

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Iristech Inc


I was in charge of planning and launching marketing campaigns.

The Key Responsibilities
1. I planned for website revision and discussed with the graphics and web designer to accomplish the UI and UX of the website.
2. I managed two Facebook club groups(below are the links) for online presence. The members increased about one hundred in six months without any ads.
3. I designed the EDMs (below are the links) and graphics designer made them.
4. I translated the articles and presses (below are the links)from industry design software companies "PTC", "KeyShot", and "Contact".
https://www.iristech.com.tw/News/news_20200505_03.html https://www.iristech.com.tw/News/news_20200331_01.html https://www.iristech.com.tw/News/news_20200217_01.html https://www.iristech.com.tw/News/news_20200207_03.html https://www.iristech.com.tw/News/news_20200331_03.html https://www.iristech.com.tw/News/news_20200302_01.html

Jab 2019 - Nov 2019


Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor

I dealt with affairs concerning social enterprises.

The Key Responsibilities
1. I introduced  foreign social enterprises case to the audience in Taiwan in the official website. (below are the links)
2. I planned and held lectures to promote the concept of "social innovation" to government employees in the Ministry of Labor.
3. I translated the press release .
4. I coped with official documents and administrative procedures.

Mar 2018 - Oct 2018

Public Relations and Student Affaires Specialist

Taiwan AI Academy


I was responsible for the contact for the public and studesnts.

The Key Responsibilities

The work is divided into 2 portions.

1. the work of public relations includes
*distributing press releases 
*dealing with enquiries from the public, the press, and related organizations
2. the work of student affairs (change in position): includes
*arranging the courses including contacting and inviting lecturers, analyzing and improving lecturers' quality assessment, and course notifications.
*dealing with students' problems and questions.

Feb 2016 -Mar 2018


Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd


I planned for financial management and sell insurance. 

I had the licenses  for selling life insurance, property  insurance, products, and non-investment-oriented life insurance eligibility and payment of foreign currency. 

八月 2015 - 三月 2016

Chinese Tutor

LG Chem Ltd


I was a Chinese tutor teaching the Korean administrators in LG Chem Ltd. 

二月 2015 - 八月 2015

Mandarin Teacher

Taiwan Mandarin Institute


The main task is to teach foreigners Chinese, including course planning, teaching techniques, assessing students' learning.

There are lots of students all over the world, including US, UK, Indonesia, South Africa, Sweden, South America and Germany. Besides, students' age range is wide, from 14 to 60 years old. The Chinese level of students is from beginner to advanced. It's a challenge for me, but I felt a sense of fulfillment when I helped the students speak Chinese and recognize the Chinese characters.


2022.01 - 2022.03

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

International Business and Marketing Management

2011.09 - 2014.06

National Taiwan Normal University

Applied Chinese


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   English — 進階 (TOEIC 815)      German — 初階(Course A2)      Korean — 中階(Course Seuol 2A)