Yung-Chieh,Yang (Clare)
1988/5/12, Taiwan

AVTECH deputy manager for taking care NZ and AUS market  based in Wellington, New Zealand


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National Central University, Taiwan                                      
Bachelor of Computer Science Information Engineering                               2006-2010
CFO of student organization and camps, project leader of CSIE concert, Leader of Dormitory Manager


Clever,reliable and efficient with more than 5 years experience in customer service engineer/sales manager and executives in high paced environment. Diversified skills include client relations, troubleshoot, project management and market management. 

  • AVTECH Deputy Manager
  • FEB 2016- Now Take care sales of  NZ, AUS Market
    - Sales Representative for NZ and AUS Market
  • AVTECH Deputy Manager
  • FEB 2014-FEB 2016
    Take care sales of Thailand/ Singapore/ Malaysia/ Turkey Market
    - 15% YoY sales growth in Thailand and Turkey Market.
       (Only few countries grow over 10%.)
    - Over 50 seminars/training courses during the 5+ years 
    - Coordinate across departments for local project management : Got 6,600 channels project for school in Thailand
  • AVTECH Section Manager 
  • JULY 2010 - FEB 2014 FAE : Field Application Engineer
    - Technical Account for main customers:
    lead a team with 5 members to take care technical issues for all the customers 
    over the world
    - Cooperate with MIS to develop Quality Tracing System for efficient cross-department communication

Over 50 Seminars/Product training course during the 5+ years.

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Local Project Management

A 550-chain-stores Enterprise in Thailand  

This large-scale chain store has 550 branch stores. Each store has basic CCTV devices for surveillance. In the headquarters, managers can check the operation of each store and get videos of Playback events.


Thailand Maechan
Police Station  

In this case, we work with the Thailand Police in Maechan district, Chiang Rai Province to enhance local security level.


A Large Chain Gas Station in Singapore  

Exxon Mobil is one of the biggest Petroleum companies around the world. It has been in service in Singapore for over 100 years, leading over 80 chain gas stations in Singapore.

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