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CakeResume is committed to helping you present the best version of yourself and build your personal brand by creating the perfect job hunting tools.

Create and Customize an Online Resume Easily

Create a perfect online resume in 15 minutes. Land an interview by showcasing your skills and professional experience.

Build a Portfolio

With CakeResume's portfolio builder, you can easily create a customized multimedia portfolio to highlight your works.

Find Your Dream Job on CakeResume

There are thousands of job openings and internship opportunities at leading companies and start-ups on CakeResume with transparent salary ranges.
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What Users Say

CakeResume has helped millions of job seekers create a perfect resume, build their personal brand, and get their dream job.
Customizable resumes and intuitive user interface make CakeResume a favorable choice by employers. With a more proactive approach than traditional human banks, we can accurately and effectively find the suitable talents at the same time reach international talents to increase the recruiting success rate.
HR Specialist
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CakeResume’s clear and easy to use search tools and UI, straightforward resume templates and management tools all allow us to quickly find the right fit who fits in with the company culture and meet’s the company’s needs. CakeResume is the next generation’s talent matching platform.
Wei-Fan Chen
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CakeResume’s clear and comprehensible resumes not only highlight applicants’ strengths but also allow managers to efficiently go through resumes to get the gist of applicants’ expertise. It is exciting to have had a successful recruitment in such a short time! With CakeResume, we’re able to reach out to applicants from different platforms and diversified our sourcing channels.
Senior HR Specialist
Trend Micro
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The UI design of CakeResume is clean, and its resume builder is getting more and more functional. Employers are able to detect candidates via the design & conception of their resumes. We have targeted and interviewed some candidates on CakeResume, and the qualities are fine. CakeResume provides us another channel to search for excellent talents, and we look forward to the benefit it will bring to us!
HR Specialist
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CakeResume: Talent Connect

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In our Talent Connect podcast, we interview talents in a wide variety of fields, who generously share their career journeys and insights, in hope of inspiring you to explore more career possibilities. Listen to Talent Connect, one of the top Tech & Careers podcasts, now.
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Best Resources for Job Seekers

We have comprehensive resume, interview, and job search tutorials. Our blog also features opinion pieces by HR experts and interviews with successful entrepreneurs and professionals. All you need to develop your career can be found here.
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Resume, Cover Letter Tutorials
List of 50+ Best Extracurricular Activities for Resume (Guide & Examples)
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Create a Winning Resume and Land an Interview

Create a perfect resume and find better job opportunities.

FAQs about CakeResume

Why CakeResume?

Anyone can use CakeResume to create an elegant and professional resume, since our resume builder is easy-to-use with a clean user interface. Below are some of CakeResume’s strength:

  • Highly customizable:

    With over 50 multimedia resume template snippets, users can easily adjust the resume format and design according to their needs. To build a highly customizable resume and showcase your talent, you can add videos, images, slides, and portfolio to your resume.

  • Elegant and readable layout:

    The layout and formatting details such as font size, style, spacing are specifically designed to improve readability! With our professional resume templates, users can make an easy-to-read resume and have better chances of landing an interview.

  • Responsive web design:

    Since CakeResume adopts Responsive Web Design (RWD), your resume can be easily viewed on any devices, such as desktops, tablets, mobiles, etc.

  • Shareable link:

    You will have a shareable link (with privacy settings) after finishing making a resume. The online resume can be used as a personal webpage to develop a unique personal brand.

  • Free PDF download:

    You can download a resume in PDF for free.

  • Performance tracking:

    It is suggested to share your CakeResume online to increase exposure. You can know the views of your resume with time and location insights, to track its performance.

Is CakeResume free?

Yes, it is FREE! CakeResume adopts “Freemium” pricing. After signing up, you can make a resume/CV with 50+ resume template snippets and download it as a PDF for free. If you would like to make multiple resumes with more templates & features, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Can I download my resume PDF for free?

Yes! You can download your resume as a PDF for free anytime. CakeResume does not require payment or credit card information after you finish making your resume.

Are there privacy settings for my CakeResume?

Users can fully control the privacy settings of their resumes. There are choices such as “Public”, “Private”, “Only Available for Paid Companies”. For more information, please read “How to Change Resume Privacy Settings?”.

How many resume templates does CakeResume provide?

CakeResume provides more than 50 resume template snippets for various multimedia elements, including texts, images, slides, videos, references, etc. By simply dragging and dropping these templates, you can build an one of a kind resume.

Besides, CakeResume also offers 12 premade resume templates with 5 color themes. These themes are specially designed to demonstrate unique personal styles. With these resume templates, you can build a highly-personalized resume in a fast and easy way!