Bartek Soltys

London, UK  •  [email protected]

I'm an upcoming digital marketer looking to put my various skills and knowledge gained through various online courses, past marketing volunteering position at Lauderdale House and other places to begin a digital marketing apprenticeship.

Soft Skills

Flexibility to Change & Adapt

One of the main reasons I decided to work in digital marketing is because of the ever-evolving and changing industry, where no two days are ever the same. No matter what the day brings I'm always willing and wanting to adapt myself and my work to make it even more successful.

Love of Learning & Keeping Up to Date

No one knows everything so wherever it's through blogs, email or Twitter I follow a large number of companies and individuals to stay on top of current news and trends to ensure I'd never miss out on vital developments in the marketing space. Having recently completed my Online Marketing Fundamentals Qualification from Google via their Digital Garage programme, I'm now taking further marketing courses from HubSpot -there's always new useful knowledge and skills to gain and improve on.

Positive Attitude & Not Being Afraid of Failure

Passion and enthusiasm are in my opinion two of the most important factors for career success and I possess plenty of both when it comes to digital marketing. I take risks, I measure the outcome, I learn from it and optimize my work based on what I learned. Failure is inevitable but I use it to learn and map out what to do to make things more successful the next time around.

Working as a Team

No one knows everything and so it's incredibly important for me to work well with others by sharing ideas and exchanging constructive criticism in a friendly respectful way to ensure everyone stays happy and motivated to work together. This is something I've had a lot of practice in by working as part of a small, busy team both at Chozen Noodles and more recently at Lauderdale House.

Marketing Skills

With behaviour psychology, I've been learning (through various books and blogs) to understand why people click, like, share, and buy certain things to guide me in creating engaging, relatable content to the right target market with the goal of generating higher conversions.

To do this effectively I've learned how to put together a narrative with storytelling and then figuring out the right words to express that narrative through practising my copywriting skills. This also improved my research skills (critical thinking, data analysis etc) which are useful in all aspects of successful digital marketing. All of these basic skills are of course incredibly useful when it comes to SEO, SEM and display advertising amongst others.

I use Evernote and Dropbox Paper for writing (along with Grammarly for good grammar and spelling check) and keep myself organised with Google Drive, ToDoist and Google Keep (also have experience with Dropbox, OneDrive, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Asana, Any.Do, Wunderlist, Microsoft ToDo, TickTick, Twist, Slack, Skype and Hangouts).

Branding and design is something I've really enjoyed from before I even decided upon becoming a digital marketer and it's something I've noticed my interesting grow in more and more recently. For a long time the goal of most brands seem to have been going towards clean and minimalistic designs, but recently I've noticed some brands go in a very different direction, such as Dropbox's recent rebranding which I followed with great interest.

I've taught myself how to use software such as Canva, Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop, the latter of which far before it was introduced into my school IT lessons which I used to create a wide range of products for school, personal projects and more recently at my marketing volunteering position such as logos, graphics, posters, flyers, brochures and website mock-ups.

Social Media is something I've had the most experience with, I understand the different social media platforms, what makes each of them unique, their audience and the type of content shared on that platform. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest and Medium amongst others. I love nature, travelling and photography and so run my own Instagram profile (@BartekSoltysPhotography) which really inspired me to pursue marketing in the first place, after noticing how much I was enjoying experimenting and looking up and learning different strategies to grow and increase the engagement of my own profile.

I also took on the job of relaunching the profile of my volunteering workplace, so I have a lot of experience with setting goals, creating posting calendars (with HootSuite, IFTTT and Buffer) and understand the importance of analytics, tags and carefully timed and themed post.

When it comes to email marketing I have some experience with MailChimp, through researching how to create engaging, one-off campaigns, daily newsletters and lifecycle campaigns that will ensure high open and conversion rates (which I'm hoping to further increase through future online courses).

Along with deep knowledge of using popular website builders from years of school and personal projects such as Weebly, Squarespace, Wix and Wordpress, I also have a good basic understanding of HTML and CSS which comes in very useful when I want to deviate from the basic layouts and colours.

Lastly, I really enjoy working with data, such as analytics & statistics and more importantly making sense of it all through bar charts, pie charts, heat maps etc and combining it all into useful and actionable insights which can be used to further increase the success of a campaign.

Recent Relevant Experience

Digital Pathways Program Student New City College (Apr 2018 - May 2018)

Took part in a special program which included useful and practical information about the future of digital careers combined with the experience of working on basic photo & video editing, sourcing data appropriately, planning and managing workload for a project and more.

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Digital Marketer Lauderdale House (Feb 2018 – Apr 18)

Relaunched the company's old Instagram profile. Focused on social media management with Hootsuite including the creation of engaging content, graphic design, analytics analysis and report creation as well as competitor research.

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Past Experience

Customer Assistant Chozen Noodle (Aug 2017 – Nov 2017)

Prepared food for sale. Kept up high safety and hygiene standards. Communicated effectively with my team and interacted with customers to increase sales and ensure satisfaction in a busy environment.

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IT Tutor Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form (Nov 2014 – May 2015)

In a weekly session, I tutored a number of elderly people to help them understand their devices more and the various tasks which they can accomplish with them from designing their first website to setting up and maintaining social media profiles for them and their businesses to attract new customers quickly and effectively.

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Volunteering Assistant Acorn Lodge Care Centre (July 2014)

Supported local residents while improving my communication skills by spending time with residents of a local dementia care home ensuring they felt comfortable and happy at all times.

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Sales Assistant Sense (June 2013)

Worked on a tight schedule to increase sales. Designed and built a new themed window display using existing stock to attract new customers. Provided a quick and friendly service to increase customer satisfaction.

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Online Courses

To increase my digital marketing knowledge I studied through a wide range of online courses including:

- Google Digital Garage (The Online Marketing Fundamentals Qualification)

- Twitter Flight School

- HubSpot Inbound Certification

- Social Marketing Training & Hootsuite Platform Training (Hootsuite Academy)

Formal Education Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form

A Levels (2)

  • C Information & Communication Technology
  • C Media Studies

GCSE (12 + 1 BTEC)

  • Distinction * Creative Media Production
  • A* Information & Communication Technology
  • A Polish, Design & Technology: Graphic Products
  • B Mathematics, Religious Studies, Geography, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry
  • C English Language, Physics, Citizenship Studies

Currently Learning

I love constantly learning and trying out new things, which is why I really valued my volunteering position where I was able to put my previous knowledge and skills into practice in a real environment.

Currently, I'm completing new marketing courses from HubSpot, which will help to increase my knowledge and skills with a wide range of courses to follow (such as Google's Academy for Ads and Facebook Blueprint).

I’ve also started learning German which should come in useful when travelling and even potentially with future work.

If you're reading a physical copy of this CV, please note an online version is available at CV.BartekSoltys.com

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