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PCH Slots Win Big Money with Just One Click. You can play now for a chance to win Million in Prizes since 1967 and we're still giving money away! Don't let others do all the winning! We're the place “Where America Plays To Win®” and the PCH App makes it happen with winners EVERY SINGLE DAY! Here’s what’s in it for you: App Exclusive Daily Prize Giveaway that could have you taking home money, gift cards or big, brand name merchandise! Winners are GUARANTEED!

Get Instant Access to FREE Scratch Cards And FREE Instant-Win Games PCH, the Irish manufacturing and supply giant founded by Liam Casey, had its data published on the darknet after refusing to pay a ransom to the same hacking group that targeted the HSE.The data was published by the Conti hacking group in the week before the cyber attack which forced the HSE offline.  

damage caused by the hack is likely to cost the health service €100 million to rectify.If you receive an email, phone call, email or letter from Publishers Clearing House saying that you're a big winner, it's easy to get so excited that you do or agree to things that make you vulnerable to money and identity theft.

That's why it's important to be able to tell the difference between a legitimate prize win and a sweepstakes scam.Winning sweepstakes often feels too good to be true and sometimes, it is. Big-name sweepstakes sponsors like PCH are a prime target for scammers, who style win notifications to match the branding of the company they're impersonating.Here are some common questions from people who weren't sure whether they were PCH winners

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