Eric Jones

Senior Director, Enterprise Sales

  San Francisco, CA, USA

Authenticity humility and respect are table stakes. No one likes a big ego selling them a business sales solution for 6-9 months.

My passion is to help address your business need. I thrive on showing businesses how they can maximize their results and achieve quantum leaps, easier and faster than ever before.

Transitioning to personal achievements and metrics I've exceeded annual quota 13 of my 17 years in sales. I was the number one performer while working at Salesforce, experienced 4 startups that were acquired by Cisco, Experian, McDonald's, and AOL. I've hired and fired and exceeded annual quotas up to $2.5M. I also know all sides of the business having creating a successful one spanning 3 years. I have experience effectively displacing legacy systems and maintaining Forrester quadrant leader status.

This is what I bring to the table.


Work Experience

Founder & CEO

Video and Podcast Sales Are Growing

May 2017 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation for many organizations ranging from SMB to individuals to the unemployed. Video use continues to evolve and remains the most effective medium for businesses and brands to connect with stakeholders – whether customers, partners, vendors, or employees.

Whether it's engaging a distributed workforce, boosting employee morale, training new recruits, or driving sales amid brick-and-mortar closures — a video-first strategy is crucial for long-term business growth and survival.

Cisco forecasted 80% of overall internet traffic would be from video in 2020. Post-pandemic this likely is closer to 85-90%.

So what to do as a first step?

First make a decision on how you envision your company or department's video brand to be. Do you want to use the online plug and play stock options banking on all your reps to deliver quality videos with consistent and articulate messaging? Our customers come to us because we provide higher quality, no stock model limitations, and a one to one experience.

Why use 1:1 video and training over the stock and plug and play options in the market?
Superior open (just over 80%), click through (50%), response rates (~15%) vs. the competition.

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Senior Director, Enterprise Sales

Market Resource Partners (MRP)

February 2020 - August 2020
Taipei, Taiwan

I managed 40 accounts such as Facebook, Intel, Salesforce, Juniper, and Expedia. I also managed the prospecting strategies and progress of the SDRs.

For enterprise organizations that serve multiple geographies, lines of business or industries, MRP Prelytix is the only Account-Based Marketing platform designed to give you control of your data, visibility into your target market and scale in the delivery of the highest impact engagement strategy.

Alongside Kx, MRP is a division of First Derivatives PLC. As a global technology provider with over 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest institutions, Kx technology delivers the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications across multiple industries, and is the driving force behind MRP Prelytix.

Head of Channel Sales and Sales Development


April 2017 - August 2019
Taipei, Taiwan

Improving cell signal and communication for partners focused on large buildings, large fleets, home, office, and vehicles.
Quota 1.7M:
FY17: 133%
FY18: 188%
FY19: 161% (Transitioned out to Qotient Q4)
Grew partner channel revenue contribution to overall revenue from 7 to 33%

Senior Director, Enterprise Accounts


March 2014 - April 2017
Taipei, Taiwan

API/web/mobile security working with cloud network infrastructure.
Key wins: Delta Air Lines, StubHub, Crunchbase, Crate and Barrel
Quota 1.8M:
FY14: 118%
FY15: 129%
FY16: 97%
FY17: 109% (Q1 transition to Waveform)

Senior Account Manager


August 2009 - February 2014
Taipei, Taiwan

Focused on assisting customers in the development of strategy to streamline processes and achieve
strategic business objectives through the use of Cloud based business applications.

FY10: 131%
FY11: 118%
FY12: 124%


UC Davis


2000 - 2004

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