Eddy Lin 

[email protected]  •  (+886) 970-456195  •  Taipei, Taiwan

6 years design experience, 4+ in space and 2+ in APP UI & UX.

Willing to embrace any kind of challenge and finding ways out to solve problem. 

Love all the beautiful things in the world.



Creative Director - Apr 2015 - Present

Owning a work shop with friends, we  jumped into entrepreneurship and started an unknown journey. Our primary business was space design in early days, while we decided to change the operating direction afterwards. In the whole new business field, we tried and learned in many ways. After all, as an operator, the biggest lesson for us is to have different perspective since there are always lots of things needed to be taken into consideration.

Application software is a whole new field for me. I started to research app processes, learned to draw app interface by using new tools, and finally created our own product. We put ourselves in user’s shoes, programed from user interface and user experience. We also built a marketing web page and operated FB fan page in later period. We made everything on our own from programing, designing, executing, and marketing and received positive feedback from users. It was an unique and special experience for me.

  • 2016.08.06 The first own product iOS App Keeprice - 管價格 has been sell,committed to solving the troubles of consumer during shopping.


Noir Space

Senior Designer-Aug 2014 - Jan 2015

In Commercial Space Department, I am good at doing Event & Exhibition Space and Display. I came up with the design concept from my experience and skills and built a communicative bridge between brand and customers, bringing both beautiful and touching design to customers. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to cooperate with Interior Design Department, learning client aspect, working process, design method, and different application and usage on different material.

Main Client : Rolls-Royce、BMW、Macallan、Heineken、Taiger、Singapore Bank、Yahoo....etc.



Design Deputy Director-Apr 2014 - Jul 2014

Being an outside manager in IAACT, I was brought in to solve the common problem of outsourcing design case. As a middle manager for the first time, although in the professional field, I am able to reach the expectation from company, there’s still a lot for me to improve while interacting and coordinating with other departments. To maintain a good cooperating condition among superiors, subordinates, and other departments. To supervisors, you need to finish the given task and strive for welfare for department. To subordinates, you are responsible for keeping their passion on and enhance internal cohesion. To other departments, you need to have a good communication and coordination with one another.

Main Client : Yahoo、Lexus、Subaru、Mitsubishi Motors、Mister Donut ....etc.


Marui Space Creativity & Advertising

Senior Creative Designer- Nov 2011 - Apr 2014

After graduating from Shih Chien University, I entered Marui Space Creativity & Advertising, the leading company in activity space industry. From client communication, demand analysis, creative ideas, 3D model and simulation drawing, proposing, reviewing, finalizing, detailed construction drawing, and construction of contracting out and supervising, I gradually built a strong basis and enhanced my skills and ability. Making all efforts in the designing field, I was promoted to be a senior designer and  be in charge of training new employers and sharing my working experience. In addition, owing to my earnest and hard-working attitude, I also won clients’ favor and be assigned by well-known international brands.

I was committed to event planning, VIP party, boutique, space arrangement, visual design, execution of fashion show, including luxury watches, cars, and cosmetics.

Main Client: Chanel、Piaget、Jaeger、IWC、Chopard、PANERAI、BMW、MINI、ADIDAS、PUMA、TOD'S、RIMOWA、CASIO....etc.

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  • Proficient in design including 3D max, Photoshop, Illustrator,  Sketch, After Effect, Premiere, SketchUp.
  • Proficient in Management, office software, meeting minutes recording, schedule planning. 
  • Excellent organization, self-motivation and time management.
  • Basic skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript.


My brain is my creating playground.


Listen first and then communicate.

Team Work

Build reliability and fight together.


Come up with a new idea !


Make the mass organized.

Crisis Management

Calm down while facing difficulties and solve the problem with a little humor.





Life of PI

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Fa-Dai Girl

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