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Few villains in comic book history have experienced a redemption arc as big as Harley Quinn. While her early days in television and comics portrayed her as nothing more than Joker's romantic partner in crime, Harley Quinn has grown quite a bit since her time on Batman: the Animated Series. Renouncing the Joker and moving out of Gotham was a game-changer for the former henchwoman, who now regularly fights alongside DC's heroes. But that doesn't mean she's a perfect angel. Harley's moral alignment is complicated to a degree that even God and Satan cannot agree on whether she belongs in Heaven or Hell.

In the finale of Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti's Black Label series Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey, the chaotic clown messes things up badly after a romantic getaway to a deserted island with Poison Ivy goes horribly wrong. After intentionally allowing their boat to go adrift in the hopes of getting more alone time with her "Rosebud," Harley sets off a chain of events that leads to her Coney Island hotel, the Dreamin' Seaman, to be torched by a loan shark—leaving her friends homeless and her best friend, Big Tony, in the hospital. After brutally slaying the loan shark's goons, she agrees to pay off her debt. But to acquire the needed funds Harley robs from the Joker's secret vault, which lands her into even more trouble...and right at death's door.


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