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As a researcher of change, I believe that everything has its context. I am good at deconstructing problems and finding directions for action. 

As a student of the School of Management, I believe that there is no single answer in the real world. I will face everything with an open mind. 

As a member of the technical department, I value the flexibility and reusability of the program, as well as various potential problems.

iOS APP Developer   •  Taipei/Taiwan
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                                                                                 Work Experience

Mitake Information Corp | iOS APP Developer                                                                            Sep. 2019 - Present

Mitake Information is the leader in mobile financial transactions in taiwan, dominate almost the entire market .

Technical Field

  • Maintenance Work: Introducing Flex, a reverse tool, to improve debugging efficiency and reduce the time and mental cost of delay.
  • Native Mixing: I have been responsible for two system development. One is developed in Swift and connected back to the OC main project. The other is based on the OC code.So I'm Familiar with all kinds of problems when mixing programming.
  • MVVM Design Pattern:
           - VM: Use dependency injection concepts to separate data source and interface design. 
           - Controller & VM event binding : Use generic type concept to optimize codes.

Management Field

  • Do daily scrum autonomously to master the situation and keep planning.
  • Study in the course of Business Thinking to deconstruct the growth of individuals and the team.
  • Strengthen individual and team value through job design:
Receive Demand ― Respond to Demand ― Master Demand ― Lead Demand
Deconstruct the basic capabilities required at each stage, and make corresponding adjustments to reduce the costs of behavioral change, strengthen the willingness to change, and further elevate the value level.  
  • Optimize the orientation procedures through categorizing the company's unique phrases and processes, further assist the newcomers to get started more efficiently.
NEW TOEIC 695 分 (2020, 6)


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Master’s Degree, Department of Information Management 
Taipei, Taiwan | 2017 - 2019

  • Learning areas cover ― Project Management, Business Thinking, Organizational Change, Agile  Development, Data Analysis.
  • Dissertation title: "The Influences of Transformational Leadership on the Implementation of Agile Method: From the perspective of organizational change theory"
    • Team-level research, with the help of the agile community, completed after the annual event of the 2018 agile journey and agile monthly gathering in January, February and March.


National Taichung University of Science and Technology 

Bachelor’s Degree, Department of Information Management 
Taichung, Taiwan | 2013 - 2017

  • First PrizeOperations Research Society of Taiwan College Competition (June 2017)
    • Theme: NeckSong Mobile EMG Shoulder and Neck Fatigue Evaluation System
  • First Prize | Graduation Project Competition of NUTC(May 2017)
    • Theme: NeckSong Mobile EMG Shoulder and Neck Fatigue Evaluation System
  • First prize | National Campus Cloud Innovation Application Competition (May 2016) 
    • Theme: FocusUP Mobile Brainwave Assisted Learning System
  • First prize | Joint Presentation of R & D Achievements of Inter-University Alliance of Central Technical College (2016)
    • Theme: Mobile EMG Shoulder and Neck Fatigue Evaluation System


My name is Huang Qi An, I graduated from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. We have a tradition in our lab during my college period. We'll gather in the lab after the class or get off from work. And keep studying the tech or programming skills. Thanks to the supervision from our professor and a group of positive classmates, I have a high degree of self-requirement. Even nowadays, I still keep the tradition. Studying tech course, management course, english course. Update myself to be a better version.

I'm eager to grow up and value the opportunity. When the timing is right. No matter how tough the goal is, I will get it done. Now I really want to devote myself to the career with all my time and energy. Your Company has achieved a leading position of the trend in future market. I am very eager to be a member of your company, exert my strengths, and work with your company to achieve the next decade.

The training in college has laid the foundation of my technical ability, the training in master has cultivated an overview of business management, the service at Mitake Info has established the sense of accomplishment and confidence in my professional field. I believe I am ready for the next challenge.