Motivated Software Engineer (Frontend) with 4 years of experience. Proficient in Angular, Ionic. 
Maintain and develop websites with a well-designed architecture. 

I like using different design pattern to achieve clean architecture and also follow the SOLID principles.  

Tel: 0956019569
Email: [email protected]


Frontend Engineer • Full-time • Ponddy Education Inc.

2020/03 2022/06
Full-time Frontend engineer and backend support. Leader of frontend team.
Maintain and develop Angular Web App, Ionic App, Landing Page 
Handle deployment, performance tuning, and SEO.
Lead many interns and assist them in being put on the permanent payroll. 
Work with business specialists, UI, backend and outsourced teams.
Communicate with foreign frontend teams at other country.

  • Maintained Ionic 3 Web App and develop new features, performance tuning such as memory leak.
  • Developed an APP that achieved 30,000 downloads with Ionic 4, implement device record feature with Web RTC.
  • Developed 10 marketing Campaigns with RWD.
  • Improve 5x performance of TTL by caching storage api with service worker.
  • Improve iterative development process by developing Micro frontend component with Angular Elements.
  • Improve 5 landing pages's Lighthouse SEO score up to 90.
  • Improve development process by building 10 CI/CD of frontend projects with CircleCI.
  • Improve debug process with Sentry issue tracking.
  • Reduce 60% of time on communicating with UI/UX by using Storybook as guideline documents.
  • Reduce time on backend integration payment flow by using Stripe one-time payment feature on frontend.
  • Experience in data tracking and advertising with Google Analytics & Google Ads.
  • Integrate instagram Graph Api & login feature for campaign website with lambda.
  • Implemented app notification service with Firebase Cloud Messaging that .
  • Implemented social login feature for an app with Python Django.

Full-Stack Engineer • Full-time • Ximple CO., LTD

2017/07 - 2020/03
Full-time Full-Stack engineer in outsourcing company,  mainly worked with Taiwan Power Company and Taipei Water Department.
Developed projects and deployment before the deadlines. 
Through practical experience familiar with framework of Java Spring and Angular. 
From assist develop feature to handle architecture development.

  • Developed two Angular web applications with OpenLayer (GIS web application). 
  • Developed three dashboards for Taiwan Power Company with Angular. 
  • Redesigned a Windows desktop application for separation of front-end and backend. 
  • Designed work queues system to handle multi task that 24 administrative divisions of Taiwan with RabbitMQ.
  • Deployed webService for running 20 VMs at the same time with Docker stack.
  • Deployed service at user' factory, and support employee training.
  • Developed backend endpoint & security with Spring.
  • Designed Micro service for backend service & frontend application with Docker-Compose.
  • Generated Map Tile of owned GIS information for improving 10x web performance.
  • Transfered relational database to NoSQL (Neo4j) for feeder data. 
  • Operated Neo4j data with Java for improving query data performance.
  • Integrated multi GIS information and built as micro service.



Angular, Ionic, Express

Spring, Django


TypeScript, Node.js, javascript

Java ,Python

Database & NoSQL

PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, 

Neo4j, MongoDB,

Cloud Firestore


AWS, Aliyun

Elastic beanstalk











2012 - 2017

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Computer Science & Information Engineering

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