Ching Sheng, Lin   

A data scientist/ data consultant specialized in CRM and Martech, with over 4+ years of experience working with well-known brands (IKEA/ NewBalance etc.). Good team player with open-mindedness and full-stack skills to provide data solution in ever-changing business market place.

Education:                                                                  Contact:

National Chengchi University, 2014/09 - 2016/06        [email protected]

Working experience

Data Scientist at MIGO Corp, 2017/09 - Now

Data Consultant Manager (2022 ~)

  • Provide a clear objective and plan-of-action based on the goals of company.
  • Managing a team of 2 Analysts to execute analytical project, optimize analysis process, provide actionable insights. 
  • Convert business problem into a data problem, and provide data-driven solution strategy from data architecture to analytical solution outcomes.

End-to-End Data Consultant For Retail Brands
  • Define business problem and deliver insights, and actionable strategies  
  • Built-up Dashboard to help improve marketing strategies
  • Developed actionable segmentation model for CRM team to improve marketing campaign
  • Design customer's tag, including purchase behavior, media preference, NES etc ..
With Data Integration Experience
  • Integrated customer's data from internal and external source in retail industry to develop Customer Data Platform(CDP)
  • Bulit ETL pipeline from raw data to analytical datamart automatically, which simplified process of analysis and enhanced effectiveness of data analysis. 
  • Tools:Bitbucket / Digdag / Bigquery
 Tools: GCP (Bigquery/ Data Studio)  R/ Rmarkdown/ Shiny/ Python

Data Analyst Intern at Whoscall, 2015/03 - 2016/06

  • User Behavior Analysis:Analyzing and extracting valuable information from call log dataset to help product team to realize user's behavior. 
  • Prediction Models : Buildin the Machine Lclassifiers with 83% accuracy rate to predict user profiles based on GLM, SVM and Bayesian models with R packages. 
  • Dashboard : Co-operate with server team to build up campaign performance dashboard with Spark and R to release the loading of routine reports from engineer.

Data Analyst Intern at DSP智庫驅動, 2016

  • Energy Research Project : Introducing the insights from demographic information and its energy consumption in Taipei to Storm Media to conduct field research. 
  • R Lecturer : In charge of R Lecturer to share data visualization step by step, and required 80% of satisfaction.


2016 Asia Open Data Hackathon Top1

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