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War Thunder was released in 2012 and it is a multiplayer vehicular combat game. It combines all three aspects of battle air, ground and naval. It did a way better job than its’ competitors, which split each battle into a single game, meanwhile, War Thunder directors found a way to deliver the complete package. There are over 2000 vehicles inside the game and several game modes. The map pool is huge also with more than 100 historically accurate maps, which can hold up to 64 players divided into two teams.

The vehicles are branched in Fleet, Ground, and Aviation. The fleet is split between Bluewater and Costal, with the first one representing heavy ships, such as destroyers, and the second one representing fast-moving boats. Aviation is split between Fixed-wing Aircraft and helicopters. The ground features all the specific vehicles related to war, such as humvees, transporters, tanks and many more. No matter what branch of the military you will choose, our War Thunder cheats will help you to reach maximum damage output in any scenario. The game also features 3 game modes, Arcade Battles, Simulator Battles, and Realistic Battles. 


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