Eric Lin

A product development professional with 4 years' experience in sales, marketing and service across Automotive, High Tech and Consumer Goods industries.

Passionate about engaging customers and fulfilling requirement by holding sales and marketing events and developing product and service improvement strategies.

Currently seeking consulting and strategy planning positions to help businesses solve complex challenges.    [email protected]        

Work Experience

Operations Consultant & Process Coordinator  •   Mercedes-Benz

Dec. 2018 - Feb. 2021

Planned and executed strategy
• Assessed the workshop capacity and provided Management strategy to Operational Manager
• Optimized repair process and developed efficient workplace layout and personnel allocation to boost productivity and efficiency

Oversaw process and managed efficiency and quality
• Coordinated overall service line procedure between 6 sectors to maximize efficiency
• Managed 10 technicians to resolve 30+ customer complaints daily by prioritizing work effectively and negotiating deadline across departments
• Monitored the repair process and quality, enhanced repair quality by 10% and eliminated 20+ customer complaints monthly

Led technical service team and enhanced performance
• Improved the repair process, increased efficiency by 15% and generated $30K+ monthly revenue
• Built the on-site training and performance standard for new team, coached 10 technicians and guided new group leader
• Designed performance evaluation chart for technical and service sectors, evaluated and provided transformative advices

Brand Marketing Specialist   •  Legend Wine & Spirits Ltd.

Sep. 2017 - Dec. 2017

Enhance Brand Awareness
• Built luxurious brand image and strengthened visibility with Product Manager and Ambassador
• Introduced products to consumers in the largest Exhibition in Taiwan: Reached 3,000+ Consumers, sold 200+ bottle of Whiskeys and gained $20,000+ Revenue with the product team in 3 days
• Planned and implemented events for distributors to develop cooperative relationship and promote brand awareness

Inventories Management and Expenses Tracking
• Managed product inventories in factories and distribution channels in support of event, salespeople and public relations
• Provided a comprehensive accounting report and Advertisement expense report of Branding and Channels promotion

Customer Service Officer   •  Grand Hyatt 

Dec. 2016 - Sep. 2017

Inspire Customer Loyalty and Boost Revenue
• Increased 200+ new worldwide membership enrollment to inspire customer loyalty by recognizing and fulfilling customers’ preference and requirements
• Raised $2K+ revenue monthly which outperformed the team average of 20% by targeting potential sale opportunity and upselling

Customer Engagement and Collaboration
• Engaged customers from the front-line interaction, cultivated relationship and enriched portfolio
• Collaborated and communicated efficiently with 8 multifunctional sectors to meet customers’ needs of 850 rooms and 200+ reservations daily
• Resolved complaints by empathizing with customers and integrating all resources to take follow-up actions

Proactively deliver exceptional Customer Service
• Created higher-value service and awarded “Star of Service” for two consecutive quarters
• Analyzed customer satisfaction survey, developed and implemented solutions to maintain a positive customer experience

Mandatory Military Service — Equipment Trainer   •  ROC Army (Taiwan)

Sep. 2015 - Sep. 2016

Qualified trainer
• Supervised daily training for a team of 4 members

Product Sales Specialist Intern  •  Microsoft 

Jul. 2014 - Jun. 2015

Retail Sales and Competitor Analysis
• Analyzed competitive products, recognized product strengths and target customers to develop sales strategy
• Achieved sales goal through engaging customers and identifying potential buyers in the retail channel

Product Demonstration to meet market needs
• Fulfilled overall market needs including end users and general customers by adjusting demonstration strategies according to individuals
• Demonstrated Microsoft Consumer Products and cooperated with distributors in Seminar, Road Show and Computer Exhibition

Marketing Strategies and Events
• Captured customer insight and feedback and forwarded to marketing sectors to develop responding strategies and promotions
• Planned and implemented Marketing Campaigns to raise product awareness
• Monitored the Product Launch Conference, detected and resolved the product issue of principal speaker immediately right before the conference started
• Coordinated event sites for Campuses Tour with project team, gathered 6,300 students and doubled the KPI target



  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Improvement


  • Competitor analysis
  • Performance Management


  • Chinese
  • English
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