Ju-Ling, Tsao

Extremely motivated to constantly grow professionally. I am confident in my ability to come up with interesting and useful ideas for administration and management.
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Kaohsiung, Taiwan


[email protected]

Skills and Abilities


  • Fluent in Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hakka
  • Proficient in English
  • Basic understanding of German
  • Certification: TOEIC 920, IELTS 7.0


  • Certification of Trust Specialist
  • Certification of Bank Internal Control and Audit
  • Certification of Financial Planning Personnel
  • Certification of the Securities Specialist
  • Stock trader

Applications and Software

  • Microsoft Office and IOS 
  • PowerDirector - Basic level
  • Photoshop - Basic level
  • Lightroom - Intermediate level
  • Adobe Illustrator - Basic level
  • Audacity - Basic level


  • Main negotiator of the team in the International Business Law course
  • Elevated the group score and achieved the original goal without sacrificing
  • Sponsor of draft resolution in Model United Nation
  • Leader of the block
  • Negotiated the budget and saved more money


  • Served as the HR in some programs and activities
  • Leader of the team in the competition
  • Created the new way to manage the people or things
  • Supervised the proposal

Communication Skills

  • Be able to be a good listener
  • Oral recognition of the New Taipei City Government for well communicating and coordinating
  • Be able to detect anything changed
  • Be able to catch the key points and guide the people

Competition Experience

ATCC Business Case Competition 2022

  • Tech industry B2B strategy design 
  • Conducted ecosystem framework 

L’Oréal Brandstorm 2022

  • Group leader and concept development
  • Data and article collector

NCKU Case Study Competition 2021

  • Presentation slide designer
  • Strategy development

HSBC Business Competition 2019 

  • Group leader and  concept development
  • Case study framework and business analysis

Extracurricular Experience

President of Graduate Student Association 09.2019 - 06.2020

  • Handled the affairs related to the new graduates
  • Supervised the administration
  • Held the symposiums and activities related to the new graduates
  • Attended the school conferences

Organizer of Graduation Ceremony 01.2020 - 06.2020

  • Attended the coordination meeting with the representatives from the offices and another campuses
  • Unified the opinions from the departments and the students
  • Designed the structure of timetable for graduation ceremony 

Producer of Graduation Song Music Video 05.2020 - 06.2020

  • Planned the budget table
  • Interviewed the protagonists, the characters and the staffs
  • Served as the side shot and the editor of the short film and photos

Receptionist of International Affairs 09.2018- 06.2020

  • Helped the international students apply any certification or document they need
  • Handled the affairs related to the students
  • Translated the documents 
  • Interpreted when they went out

Taipei City Model United Nations 2019 - Secretary of Human Resources 

  • Recruitted the members for the department of human resources
  • Managed the materials needed
  • Organized and managed the volunteers and the food

Cross-Strait Youth Leadership Camp 2019

  • Worked with the students from mainland China
  • Debated with another students 
  • Organized and managed the presentation
  • Hosted the closing event

Ambassador of Skyline 01.2019 - 06.2019
  • Promoted the latest international chances
  • Translated the latest program, chances, internship, etc.
  • Planned the implementation proposal
  • Organized and held the lecture of the university
  • Answered the questions from the students

Ambassador of Taiwan GPS 05.2019 - 12.2019

  • Promoted the latest information from Taiwan GPS
  • Created the new way to manage the volunteers
  • Oral recognition for well communicating with the government and the volunteers 
  • Allocated the tasks according to the volunteers' abilities Handled the sudden occurrences

New Taipei City Model United Nations 2018 - HR

  • Handled the affairs of more than 200 volunteers 
  • Created the new way to manage the volunteers
  • Oral recognition for well communicating with the government and the volunteers 
  • Allocated the tasks according to the volunteers' abilities Handled the sudden occurrences

School Anniversary - Receptionist of guests

  • Guided the guests
  • Assisted the chancellor
  • Demonstrated the limited  designed products

Seisen Jugakuin College English/Mandarin & Culture Study Camp Fall, 2017 and Fall, 2018

  • Master of ceremonies
  • Assistant of the team
  • Organized the outdoor activities
  • Interpreted for Japanese students
  • Guided the culture and environment

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi 2018 

  • Worked with the local university students 
  • Debated with another teams 
  • Designed for the culture night
  • Designed the presentation within one night

Model United Nations of Pingtung 2014-2016 

  • Organizor of 2014 event 
  • Saved more than 10000 for the whole event 
  • Chair of Academic Department in 2015 and 2016 Reformed the Rules of Procedure (ROP) 
  • Created the new committee - Youth Delegates Program (YDP)

Work Experience

Business Development Intern at FLUX - 01.2022

  • Competitor analysis
  • Promotion activity design
  • Workshop content copywriter
  • Group project lead

Marketing Specialist at J.Lynch Co., Ltd - 05.2021 - 01.2022

  • Product optimization
  • Online advertising campaign design
  • Product package card design
  • Marketing survey 

Project Intern at FirePower Start-up Company 05.2019 - 11.2019

  • Organized the exclusive interview
  • Coordinated with another department
  • Managed the social media platform
  • Research and checked the information

Instructor of Model United Nations Club 02.2019 - 06.2020

  • Designed the structure and the materials of the courses
  • Leaded the course discussions related to the international affairs
  • Improved academic levels and offered advise to students

Tutor 04.2018 - 06.2018 

  • Designed and organized the whole courses 
  • Helped the Asperger syndrome student regain the passion and patience toward school

Administrative Assistant 12.2017 - 30.12.2017

  • Receptionist of the guests
  • Handled on-the-spot situation
  • Prepared the needed materials
  • Contacted with the seniors


Master in Business Administration and Management

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan Sep 2021-

Bachelor in English Literature

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Sep 2016-June 2020

Major in English Literature, Electronic Commerce and Management certificated,  
Minor in Financial Management
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