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Alex Lu

Comprehensively trained with traditional advertising in study; proficient digital marketing and cross-border e-commerce while embrace innovative crowdfunding startup. Later educated with the art of administrative language in scrupulously government regulated organization.

Department Manager @ Backer-Founder

 Taipei,TW.              [email protected]


Pennsylvania State University 

Major: Advertising/Public Relations 

Minor: Psychology


Chinese(Mandarin)         

English                               


Department Manager, Backer-Founder, Oct 2020 - Now

I managed a 7-person team with crowdfunding project specialist and brand agent e-commerce. I am responsible for the operation, hiring and training, and directing of crowdfunding projects and brand e-commerce, and I have increased profit of my department by 2 times.

  • Supervise the execution of projects in the US and Taiwan, including video producing, page design, copywriting, reward plan, ads, KOL planning and post-campaign management.
  • Achieved annual profit milestone for department.
  • Review the evaluation of products and markets and terms of collaboration. 
  • Restructured team function adapting organization growth from 60 to 120 employees.
  • Create a project and work-hour database and instructions for new hires and assistant manager training. 
  • Actively participate in management discussions such as company values and management systems. 

Crowdfunding Specialist, Backer-Founder, May 2019 - Oct 2020

One-stop services to take care of all your needs for localizing your crowdfunding campaign, including page & video design, pre-launch testing, advertisement, PR, and post-campaign management.

  • Crowdfunding projects
  • Crowdfunding supervisor
  • Branding and e-commerce

Branding Manager, SOL WOW, Aug 2018 - May 2019

Branding and design management of a quality vegetarian brunch restaurant.
  • Branding and loacal marketing
  • Business management

Cross-border E-commerce Specialist, TAITRA (Nonprofit Organization). Aug 2017  - Aug 2018

Provides a quality-assured process of cross-border merchant acquisition to facilitate an open flow of business between global marketplaces and Taiwanese merchants.

  • Business event planning indcluding forum, exhibition and business matching
  • Provides cross-border e-commerce solutions
  • Supervise online advertising
  • Website management and operation

Marketing & Advertising Specialist, ZENLET (Crowdfunding Startup). Dec 2015 - Mar 2017

Oversees 3 team member and manage annual/seasonal marketing plans and sales goal, includes crowdfunding, press, advertising, e-commerce management and business development. 

Crowdfunding Projects

Planned, executed and supervised over 30 crowdfunding projects with pledge amount over 350 million TWD. 

For each product we introduce, we create a tailored range of localized strategies, including creating and adapting copywriting content, video remake, creating advertisements relevant to the local audience and delivering executed exposure through in-depth PR.

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Organized the largest e-commerce summit in Taiwan with over 1500 attendees. Invited 27+ industry leading speakers from 11 countries includes Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitch and ZALORA.

ASEAN and China E-Commerce Forum

Invited well-known E-Commerce platforms from Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, China. Attracted nearly 200 Taiwanese company participants and conducted over 160 business meetings.

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