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Hou Jen TAO

[email protected] •  (+886)-(2)-0960-602-656 • Taipei, Taiwan 

Senior student at National Taiwan Normal University, majoring in Business Adminitsration, elected as excellence student in academic and performance by NTNU Management department. Also the vice president of NTNU Magic Club. With experiences of management and leadership. Good at coordinating and interacting with people. Enthusing in helping people analyzing situations and purpose a problem-solving suggestion.


Vice president of 18th NTNU Magic Club, 2015/06~2016/06

• Establish a good relationship with administrative units, student associations and other clubs within college so Magic Club is able to get assistance and resource more quickly and effectively.

• Redesign process and contents of courses, make sure it's both educative and entertained so new recruits will willing to keep participate Magic Club.

• Purpose a new marketing strategy, combining both online activities and offline performance to create maximum exposure, and eventually increase audiences of annual evening performance of Magic Club by 50% more than last year.

• Find commercial cases and develop potential clients for Magic Club, negotiate payment and detail of our service and performance.

• Organize and select a group of club members with different specialties and lead them to   execute our service and performance for our clients. 

• Oversee preparation and lead club officers and members to carry out annual evening performance of Magic Club and other activities which help us recruit new members, get resources and     promote our reputation. 

• Crisis management, searching for potential crisis and purpose several counter measures in advance.


CFO of 17th NTNU Magic Club, 2014/06~2015/06

• Do accounting and keep records of every income and expense.

• Manage club assets, post office account and cash.

• Budget planning and  analyze afterward expense difference. 

• Prepare a financial report to help club member understand the financial situation of our club.


Project Manager and liaison to Global Education Center , 2016/10~present, Special project which develop new courses to target elderly market sector. 

• Manage 5 students from our department to form a team to handle this project.

• Identify potential problem and risk from initial discussion and idea for them.

• Design course subjects, contents, and process, and test them in order to improve them.

• Purpose and introduce our design and concept to their project handler at weekly meetings.

• Coordinate opinions from both sides and deliver opinions to another side.

• Oversee correction and modification of project.


Internship at Office of Marketing and Planing of Global Education Center  , 2016/07~2016/09

An education institution which is devoted to giving its students unique learning experience.

• Conduct competitors' and potential partners' data collecting and analyzing.

• Develop products/courses, and prepare an introduction of new products/courses.

• Conduct telephone marketing to potential clients and customer opinion survey.

• Assist marketing events, including summer camp and experimental course.


Representative of class 106 of Department of Business Administration, 2013/09~2016/06

• Assist professors to deal class related affairs.

• Assist school's administrative units to contact students and deliver messenger.

• As a liaison of the class to both external and internal individual and organization.




I lead by setting an example myself to inspiring people. And always willing to show my support for them. Make people look up to me and believe in me.  So they will more willing to follow my lead and commit to the mission.

Problem solving

I identify the core of problems first and generalize them, then consider what resource is available. So I can come up with solutions that are effectively and efficiently. While in the team, I can always provide insight of problems. 

Negotiator thinking

Always Identify relative advantage I have and issues could be important to the situation. And increase my leverage power by gathering intel through conversation and observation. Then, try to create more value for both sides.

Insightful thinking

My knowledge about international relation and global economy. I analyze things in the whole picture thinking and identify influence. Use this way of thinking to make decisions and see potential influence beneath the surface.

Interpersonal skills

I treat others with respect, sincerity, and understanding. I will think in others'  shoes and listen to what they said. Interact with people in a humorous way but respectfully. Always willing to help others and give compliments.

Public speak skills

My experience as magic performer enables me to speak to public easily. I know how to control audiences' attention by using questions, eye contact, hand gestures and body language.

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I like to challenge myself and bring changes.

I purpose a radical change in courses and value proposition of Magic Club to attract more new recruits. Under my lead and support from others, we transform from teaching-oriented to fun-oriented and successfully increase new recruits' that willing to keep participate by 200% more than last year.

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what I want to be at Mckinsey.

I like to help people with my expertise and deal with changeable challenges.

So I want to become a management consultant or even more, a professional manager. 

I believe through Mckinsey's scholar program I will be able to gain professional expertises to star a journey to become a consultant.

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