Rogers (Hou Jen) Tao                                       [email protected] • (+886)960602656 • Taipei, Taiwan 

I am a digital transformation consultant, a Blue Prism Developer AD01 certified developer, and a training specialist who helps enterprises to perform operations efficiently and sustainably. Experienced in developing bots, designing solutions, and architecting environments. Also capable of carrying out international projects single-handedly, and taking leadership role when needed. To clients, I am a coach and solution designer, to project team, I am a field and knowledge lead. 

Professional Experience

PwC Business Consulting Service Taiwan Ltd • Senior Consultant  • 2021/03~Now 

  • Developing Bot, Designing, Architecture, and Deploy Solution:
    Using UiPath to develop over 10 unattended robots(combined with OCR and other solutions), design customized management framework to improve user experience, and organize customized UiPath Training Course in a single man project single-handly.
  • Engagement and Project Management:
    Engage with the potential client, plan the project, negotiate the contract, and organize resource to execute the project, Successfully won a project of above average margin by demonstrating capabilities of RPA and consulting.
  • Multiple Professional Area Exposure:
    Support Strategic Dashboard project by designing high level strategy questionnaire to identify key issue to design dashboard accordingly and Support global roll-out of PoS system project by coordinating global team and local team, testing local version system, facilitating knowledge transfer, and conducting project management
Ernst & Young Business Advisory Service Inc • Consultant • 2018/07~2021/03

  • Training and Coaching:
    As a qualified training specialist in Great China, responsible for support regional RPA training project for high value client. once get selected to deliver a RPA Blue Prism training course in Beijing single-handedly for an international automobile company. My engaging and performance are highly appreciated, therefore, the client chose us over our competitors afterword.
  • COE Establishment and Project Management:
    Managed 6 men, cross-nation joint team as a field leader to establish CoE(Center of Excellence) and deploy RPA solutions for a leading consumer electronic device manufacturer to achieve the client's No-Men Factory strategy. The project achieved 90% automation rate and built a sustainable COE. The client is continually expanding the solution to other factories in Great China. 
  • Pre-sale Consulting:
    Engaged in Pre-sale consulting and developed PoC prototype bots personally on time. By demonstrating potential of the solution, successfully acquired 3 clients, industries include electronic manufacturing, securities, and financial holding. 
  • Developing Bot, Designing, Architecture, and Deploy Solution:
    Have Blue Prism Developer Certification AD01, developed over 20 bots for 5 projects, designed customized BP architecture for 3 projects, and deployed and maintained BP solution for 4 projects. Served as knowledge lead of BP with deep knowledge of Queue, Developing Best Practice, and Solution Manage Framework. And Keep updated with BP official for latest applications to strength team's capabilities and support project across department.
Wiskey Captial International Investment Limited (Venture capital) • Intern of Business Analyst,2017/05~2018/02 

  • Evaluated business potential of startups by analyzing potential market share, competitive advantage, value extension, financial projection, and strategy, presented 4 analysis reports, which were taken as official research data for investment decision. 
  • My performance was appreciated by the manager, therefore I gained additional opportunity to serve as a portfolio project leader to led 2 teammates to develop a Persona framework to get business intel and presented an analysis framework as PoC.

Education, Academic Performance, and Certification

National Taiwan Normal University • 2013/09~2017/06 • Bachelor of Business Administration • Strategy and Finance
  • GPA: 4.14/4.3 ( or 90.8/100) ;average ranking No.5 out of 49 classmates. 
  • Dean's awards & scholarships in academic and comprehensive performance, two kinds of the award, both two times. 
English: Fluent, TOEIC: 910/990 (listen:495/495, reading 415/495), TOEFL ITP: 573 /677;Chinese: Native
Blue Prism Developer Certification AD01

Engagement Experience

Foxconn Interconnect Technology • A leading consumer electronic device manufacturer in the world• 2019/03~2019/07

RPA Tool: Blue Prism.   Other Tools involved: C#, Excel Macro.

Role: Developer, Trainer, Architect, Technical Consultant, Process Analyst, Solution Designer, Field Leader, Account Manager.

Foxconn wants to automate their office, as part of their Digital strategy. We developed more than 15 bots and multiple supporting objects to automated processes across R&D, HR, Production Planning, and Management using Blue Prism(some customized C# code within code stage and Excel Macro), achieved 90% of automation rate in the first wave with a Factory in Wuhan. During the project, I managed 6 men, cross-nation joint team to assist managers in Taipei and Shanghai to manage the project remotely. I also enabled over 40 trainees with RPA knowledge, helped to establish CoE, and provided after-sales service until June 2020. Based on the results, he client is expanding RPA solution to other factories in Great China.

Daimler/Mercedes-Benz • An international automobile company • 2019/07~2019/08

RPA Tool: Blue Prism 

Role: Trainer, Architect, Technical Consultant Account Manager. 

Mercedes-Benz has implemented RPA solution and they needed someone with Blue Prism platform expertise but also presentable to train and coach their team to manage this digital workforce. I traveled to Beijing to deliver the training service single-handedly. I also manage client engagement on behalf of the manager. After the service, the client have compared EY's service to other competitors, and recognized we provide a better service, therefore, continue to work with us.

Fubon Financial Holding • A leading Financial Service Company in Taiwan • 2020/07~2020/08

RPA Tool: Blue Prism.   Other Tools involved: Excel Macro.

Role: Developer, Trainer, Architect, Technical Consultant.

Fubon was conducting an RPA pilot project. We were to deliver 4 automated processes(financial and accounting related), 1 training course, process inventory analysis and BPR. I delivered a course training, developed multiple RPA solutions (using Blue Prism and Excel Macro), and assisted the project team(cross-department joint team) with client engagement and knowledge-sharing. Achieved an average 85% of time-saving and other departments of the client has also approached us for expanding RPA solution to their departments.

SKI Insurance • A Insurance Company in Taiwan • 2021/05~Now

RPA Tool: UiPath.   Other Tools involved: Python.

Role: Developer, Trainer, Architect, Technical Consultant.

SKI Insurance has multiple process regarding Bands wants to be automated, and their users value user experience, want fully automation and have multiple exceptions cases. I have developed more then 10 processes within 2 months and continually developing now. Designed a user friendly interaction mechanism to meet both users and IT's user experience needs. And using python and image comparison solution of team effort to achieve fully automation. 

Acbel Polytech • A Manufacturer of power supplier and Partner of IBM • 2020/08~2021/01

RPA Tool: Blue Prism.   Other Tools involved: C#, Excel Macro.

Role: Developer, Process Analyst, Solution Designer, Technical Consultant. 

Acbel wants to build its automation and BPR capabilities. EY presents a whole project walkthrough training methodology to enable Aabel. In this case, I developed the PoC to acquire the project initially and two processes, and supported client training, project management, entry-members training, developed solution maintenance, and new solution go-production process. When the project was still ongoing , the client dim our service is important and have scheduled a second phase with us.

Carrefour • A Global Retailing Group • 2019/12~2020/03

RPA Tool: Uipath.   Role: Developer.

Carrefour was continually looking for ways to improve process efficiency in finance operations, particularly to reduce cost. Therefore, we helped to develop RPA solution using Uipath and implemented it for the client. I mainly focused on Financial and Accounting related processes, and developed 3 processes during the projects. In the end, the solution reduced 70% of labor usage of the department.

PCA Life Assurance • An International Assurance Group • 2019/7~2019/12

RPA Tool: Blue Prism.   Role: Developer.

PCA Life Assurance have a global policy that every region must conduct digital transformation. EY provided RPA solution to facilitate investment management, global policy compliancy, and asset pricing. In this project, we work with colleagues from India, Hong Kong, and Singapore. And I in charged of developing an complicated process to re-evaluate the current asset value every day. 

Leadership Experience

National Taiwan Normal University Magic Club • Vice president • 2015/06~2016/06

  • Led 6 officials to co-manage the club, ran recruiting by introducing customer center approaches, which Increased new-joined members by 100% more than last year, and managed PR, which build a mutually beneficial partnership with more than 10 clubs. 
  • Organized a new marketing approach. Increased online stickness and audiences of annual performance by 50% more than last year. 
  • Negotiated with the university administration by unifying other clubs to propose a collective request to increase bargaining power, by doing so, our club successfully protect our rights and prevent us from a potential crisis. 
  • Engaged potential business cases, bargained about price, designed service content, and organized 3~5 people to form the task team to fitful contracts. Successfully conducted more than 10 cases, includes performances and teaching packages.
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