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[email protected] • (+886)-(2)-0960-602-656 • Taipei, Taiwan

Senior student at National Taiwan Normal University, majoring in Business Adminitsration,elected excellence student in academic and performance by NTNU Management department. Also served as vice president of NTNU Magic Club, specialized in management, leadership, and business negotiation.


Vice president of NTNU Magic Club, 2015/06~2016/06

• Get resource for activities more easily and efficiently by establishing good relationships with administrative units, student associations, and other clubs within college.

• Increase recruitment rate 200% more than last year by redesigning process and contents of courses and analyzing problems that we had before.

• Increase audiences of an annual performance of magic club 50% more than last year by proposing a new marketing strategy which combining online activities and offline performance.

• Analyze Magic club's advantage and disadvantage, costs and benefits for holding events, and external and internal situations to develop strategies and goals insightfully. 

• Find commercial cases and develop potential clients for Magic Club, negotiate payment and detail of our service and performance.

• Organize a group of club members with different specialties and lead them to execute our service and performance professionally. 

• Crisis management, searching for potential crisis and proposing several counter measures in advance, protect Magic Club's reputation successfully. 


CFO of NTNU Magic Club, 2014/06~2015/06

• Manage accounting related business and current asset by meself and save more men power than an ordinary club.

• Budget planning and analyze afterward expense difference to determine effectiveness of each spending.

• Help club members understand spending situations by preparing a financial report.


Project Manager and liaison to Global Education Center ,2016/10~present, Special project which develop new courses to target elderly market.

• Manage 5 teammates from management department as a team to handle this project.

• Identify potential problems and risk from their initial concepts for them.

• Design course subjects, contents, and process, and create new perspectives for them.

• Present our works and concepts to project handlers by myself weekly and save a lot of men power for my team.


Internship at Office of Marketing and Planing of Global EducationCenter , 2016/07~2016/09, An education institution which is devoted to giving its students unique learning experience.

• Collect and analyze competitors' and potential partners' data, save time and provide useful intel for my manager. 

• Develop products/courses, and prepare an introduction of new products/courses for my manager to report to her supervisor. 

• Conduct telephone marketing to potential clients and customer opinion survey.

• Assist marketing events, including summer camp and experimental course.


Class representative of Department of Business Administration,2013/09~2016/06

• Assist class related affairs efficiently for professors and classmates.

• Assist professors with teaching-related activities to provide better teaching quality.

• As a liaison of the class to both external and internal individuals and organizations, provide information efficiently.




I lead by setting an example myself to inspire people. And I always willing to show my support for them. Make people looks up to me and believe in me. So they will more willing to follow my lead and commit to the mission.

Problem solving

Identify the core of problems first and generalize them. then, use available resources and come out with useful, practical and effective solutions. Eventual, execute solutions and gain experience for improvement next time.

Negotiator thinking

Always Identify relative advantage I have and issues could be important to the situation. Increase leverage power by gathering intel through conversation and observation. Then, create a maneuverable strategy.

Insightful view

My knowledge about international relationships, global economy and finance enable me to analyze things in the whole picture perspective. Identify potential influences of events to the financial market and countries. 

Interpersonal skills

I treat people with respect, sincerity,and understanding. I listen to what their opinions and think in their shoes. Interact with them in a humorous way but respectfully. Always willing to help others and give compliments.

Presentation skills

My experience as magic performer enables me to speak to public calmly. I express himself attractively and confidently by using audience control technique, such as eye contact and body language.

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I enjoy challenge myself and try new ways to solve problems. I propose a radical reform for courses and value proposition of Magic Club to attract more new recruits. Under my lead and support from others, we transform from teaching-oriented to fun-oriented successfully and tremendously increase new recruits by 200% more than last year.

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what I want to become through Mckinsey's program.

I want to help people with my expertise and explore a variety of adventures. 

I will use everything I learned and every experience I got to create value for McKinsey and do my best accomplish its' missions.

I believe through Mckinsey's scholar program I will be able to gain professional expertises to start a journey of becoming a consultant.

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