Hou Jen Tao

[email protected] • (+886)-(2)-0960-602-656 • Taipei

Major in National Taiwan Normal University Business Administration•
Vice president of NTNU Magic club •  Class representative
 • Elected excellent student •  
I am an optimistic person and have a dedicated and responsible attitude. Like to explore new things and take challenges. Always think before act, observe the situational and environmental stakes to form strategies first. In the meantime, stay informed and be flexible to adjustments and alternatives, in the case of sudden changes and risk. I also enjoy helping others solving problems and forming strategies through my knowledge and experience. Because in the process of helping others, I am growing and gaining experience and learning from different individuals and groups.

Academic Performance

1. GPA(first semester of year 105): 4.25

2. Ranking/Percentage of Department(second semester of year 104): No. 4th, 9.09%

3. Total Average Grade: 90.31

4. Average Ranking/percentage of Department: No. 7th, 15.91%

5. Language Ability: 

    Chinese: Native speaker

    English: Fluent, TOEIC 910, TOEFL IPT 573

6. Elected excellent student

Related certifications are at attachments.


I consider myself having leadership. When I was vice president of NTNU Magic Club. I once in charged of the magic week which is a week-long event to promote our annual performance and club members worked shift to perform and give gifts to attract people. I led this event by organizing members according to their different expertise and setting an example such as be punctual to my shift, performed bravely, and managed gift inventory to encourage members to do so.  Give compliment publically to those who did good and construct a vision that we are building a reputation for our club to motivate them at the daily meeting. The result was positive. Not only club members felt more committed to the club but also  Increase audiences of an annual performance by 50% more than last year.
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Problem and Crisis Solving

When I was vice president of NTNU Magic Club, we encountered a lot of crisis. One example was the stage we borrowed for annual performance was suddenly retrieved by the school for opening a class. Initially, the school refused to let us use stage even we already borrowed it through proper procedure. Without the stage, we couldn't accomplish the performance. After I analyzed the situation, my strategy was to rally other clubs that were affected to pose pressures to school and contact the teacher of the class directly.  In the end, fortunately, the teacher of that class agreed to change the place for us.     

problem solving.png


I enjoy challenge myself and try new ways to improve performance. I proposed many innovative strategies for Magic Club. For example, transformed teaching style and value proposition, became more amusing to attract new recruits. We tremendously increased new recruits by 200% more than last year. Another example was that I always search for opportunities to increase our resources. By building a mutually beneficial relationship with other clubs, we were able to receive assistance like equipment more effectively.  

Managing and Internship Experience 

Vice president of NTNU Magic Club, 2015/06~2016/06

My job was constructing club's targets and strategies,  organizing activities, handling the public relationship, designing courses, contacting and negotiating with potential clients to strike commercial cases, organizing customized service, and managing club members and officials.

Superior result:   

1.  Increase recruitment rate by 100% more than last year by redesigning club orientation, make it more amused for club members.

2.  Increase audiences of an annual performance of club by 50% more than last year by implementing new marketing strategies which combining social media exposure and actual performance.

3.  Establish good relationships with administrative units, student associations, and other clubs within the college so we can get resources and privilege. For example, faster administrative service, equipment, discount goods, and VIP tickets. 


Project Manager and liaison to Global Education Center, 2016/09~2016/11

I was in charge of managing 5 teammates from management department as a team to handle a special project for Global Education Center, our partner.  Global Education Center is an education organization which dedicates to Flipped classroom. Our mission was to identify potential problems and risk from their initial concepts for Global Education Center. Then, design course subjects, contents, and process, and create new perspectives for them. 

As the liaison, it's my job to present our works to the project handlers weekly and coordinate differences between two sides. Through my work to save the significant amount of time and men power for my team. Now the course is implementing as one the new value proposition that Global Education Center provided.  


Internship at Office of Marketing and Planing of Global Education Center, 2016/07~2016/09

1. Collect and analyze competitors' and potential partners' data, save time and provide useful intel for my manager.

2. Develop products/courses, and prepare an introduction of new products/courses for my manager to report to her supervisor.

3. Conduct telephone marketing to potential clients and customer opinion survey.

4. Assist marketing events, including summer camp and experimental course.


Magic teacher of summer term to WOO Magic company, 2015/07~2015/09

Provide magic teaching service, performance, and selling of company's product for company's client. Increase company's capacity of taking multiple cases simultaneously.


Class representative of Department of Business Administration,2013/09~2016/06

1. Assist class related affairs efficiently for professors and classmates. Considered a responsible person and continually be elected for next three years.

2. As a liaison of the class to both classmates and the department. Trusted by both sides.

3. Represented class to participate department conference and coordinate opinions of classmates. 




I lead by setting an example myself to inspire people. And I always willing to show my support for others. Make people looks up to me and believe in me. So they will more willing to follow my lead and commit to the mission.

Teamwork ability

I consider things in team's perspective and always doing what's best for the team. And I also try to keep flexible to any kinds of adjustment due to the coordination of the team. Respect the different opinion and value point.  

Negotiator thinking

Always Identify relative advantage I have and issues could be important to the situation. Increase leverage power by gathering intel through conversation and observation. Then, create a maneuverable strategy.

Insightful view

My knowledge about international relationships, the global economy, and manage enable me to analyze things in the whole picture perspective. Identify potential influences of events to the market and related state holders. 

Interpersonal skills

I treat people with respect, sincerity, and understanding. Show confident and courtesy when I interact with others. I also open to different opinions and think in their perspectives. Always willing to help and give compliments.

Presentation skills

My experience as magic performer enables me to speak to public calmly. I express himself attractively and confidently by using audience control technique, such as eye contact and body language.

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