Ann Shih (施柔安)

Content marketing, campaign specialists, planning content marketing strategies and data analysis ,optimization, proficient in content search engine optimization (Content SEO), and continuous improvement comprehensive SEO, training capabilities of data sensitivity, analysis and optimization during Microsoft ,and increased marketing planning skills and campaign strategy ,content strategy, negotiation skills , CRM skills (iterable for EDM and App push) in Yahoo,FreshO2 and KLOOK. my ideal working status is combining data advantages to formulate future trends and plans then having some creative power and harmonious teamwork at the same time!

Senior Marketing Associate - Campaign & CRM & Content marketing



KLOOK, MKT Senior Associate Content SEO & Campaign & CRM, Apr 2018 ~ 現在

【Content Marketing Strategist & SEO】

- Coordinate and organize yearly KLOOK blog content , and drive revenue with the least cost. 

- Adopt new content strategies, enhance SEO, and manage about 2,000 articles. After taking over, the first page of the article has earned more than 500 keywords. The overall keyword rankings are around 20th, which leads to the increase of natural income by more than 150% in half a year. 

-Increase Revenue performance by more than 100%. 

- Formulate an efficient framework to manage inhouse and external writers, create a new SOP for all writers to cooperate and define editorial guidelines to maintain consistent tones and styles. 

- Train writers and implement proper procedure for them to ensure a smooth workflow. 

- Collaborate with external media platforms, and handle contract dealing and negotiation with partners.

- Communicate with team members from different regions, provide assistance in blog revisions, write or review articles, and edit content upon requests. 

- Do SEO for every content articles and review the ranking on a weekly basis to make sure that rankings are stable, and decide if it needs to be optimized. 

-  Generate a KPI tracking form, ensure that blog’s revenue, article ranking and the quality of content all grow in an efficient way. 

【Campaign Associate】

  - Analyze the advantages of regional products and their peak time, plan and execute both online and offline campaigns from June 2018 to 2020. 

- Organize all KLOOK’s online campaigns, develop offers, calculate costs and budgets, deliver campaigns by myself, review and optimize campaign by performance. 

- Perform campaign planning, channel manpower distribution, integration, and responsibility for the entire campaign workflow. 

- Adjust the formats of previous campaigns, add more creative and interactive elements in the presenting of campaigns and bring higher revenue Result: The revenue nearly tripled after I took over the campaign role from 2018/09 (Q4).   

- Offline and online campaigns planning and execution(etc. 2019/05 TTE travel fair) 

- 2019/11 ITF travel fair event leader (Online & Offline), overall revenue increase 73% , and also 7.3% in daily revenue,In addition to create a single-day revenue peak on double 11 (show on the same time with ITF), daily peak 27.4% increase over 2019/5 TTE campaign, and also create the highest single-day revenue record of all website. 

- Offer professional insights to help integrate every channels and to expose the campaign or event.

-2019 / 8-2019 / 10 Takes over the Youtuber cooperation plan, assisting the shooting and project progress monitor , creating more than 2.7 million views in 1 month, and successfully increasing brand volume.

- Adjust the EDM and App push format during the COVID-19 hard timing and cooperate with global CRM team to implement the retargeting trigger project.

FreshO2, Marketing Specialist, Dec 2016 ~ Feb 2018

-Deliver effective messages to your target audience and implement on a variety of different online media. -Media data traffic management and analysis. 

- Collecting marketing material. - Blog content writing (for SEO optimization). - Product project schedule control and implementation. 

- Looking for sponsors and negotiate cooperation with different industries. - Brand awareness promotion and community operations (Facebook, Line @, Instagram). 

- Finding bloggers to promote products, help to negotiate and sign contracts for them, and track the promoting results. - Managing market research assignments 

- Web content and corporate website management. 

- Training & Development. - Thining of marketing activities and follow the implementation of the results, then make a suggestion of the optimization plan. 

- Control the advertising budget and contact advertising agency to negotiate how to optimize ads. 

 - Assist in researching and developing new products and discussing with product developers to improve them. - Customer service and emergency response. 

- Material production and film production. 

- In six months to make orders from 0 to 100 or more. 

- Accurately put and operate so that the number of fan clubs rose to 14,000 in eight months. 

Microsoft, Editor & Editor-in-deputy, Jul 2015 ~ Dec 2016

- Distribution and management editor's work content. 

- Training and assistance with new editors. 

- If necessary, modify the website HTML code. 

- Translation news issue slideshow. 

- Title optimization and modification. 

- Responsible for the official website editing business. 

- Thinking of current events or news topics and create topics. 

- For daily traffic review and making report to propose editing optimization program. 

- Monitoring the current traffic to the official website for material adjustment. 

- Making weekly traffic reports and suggest next week's optimization.

Yahoo!, Intren & Video Editor, Mar 2014 ~ Jun 2015

- Text, photo replacement, assist in editing news content and writing.

- Produce news collages and find topics .

- Think about hot topics every single day and making special topic project for yahoo news app. 

- Provide some one package topic (for lazy person) and build content for this.

- Website traffic record and integration.

- Pick daily hot topics to rebrand and optimize content.

- Edit video title to boost traffic.

- Select for traffic data analysis and optimize materials at any time.

- Promoted from intern to part-time video editing due to excellent performance.


Fu Jen University,Chinese (Major) and News (Minor), 201009 ~ 201506

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