Yu-Wen Wu

Full-time Mandarin tutor from Taipei, Taiwan.

[email protected]



Beginner Chinese, Conversational Chinese, Advanced Chinese, HSK / TOCFL, Business Chinese, Chinese Writing, 

Chinese Reading, Chinese for kids



Fu Jen Catholic University

Spanish Language and Culture

I'm Wen, full time and professional Mandarin tutor in Taipei. I have 2 years experience in teaching Mandarin in all ages and levels (one year in Shanghai, China). 

All levels are available. Customized teaching approach. Flexible schedule.  Adapting  the class to your needs. 

For beginner, we mainly use the Textbook (A Course in Contemporary Chinese), with the materials made by my own. My class adopts a fun and effective approach to teaching Chinese as a foreign language. With task-based learning and tons of activities will help you feeling comfortable and confident while speaking with native speaker.

For intermediate and Advanced level, every lesson we will discuss a topic (the topic about Chinese culture, news or whatever you are interested), we can practice both oral speaking and Chinese writing. 

For kids learner, I know how to be friends with kids and let them learn Chinese with fun through a lot of fun games, activities and worksheets!  The materials all made by myself, referring to all the excellent textbooks in China and Taiwan. 

I am patient, creative, enthusiastic and with a lot of passion, which make my class always fun and make my students feel comfortable learning Chinese with me.  I'll help you find a suitable way to improve your Chinese. All you need to do in my class is relax and speak in Chinese as much as you can.

Also, I am experienced in helping teaching/coaching pronunciation and fluency in real conversation, I can help you to improve your Chinese skills. I know foreigner's Chinese pronunciation problems, we can work on the pronunciation, oral speaking and listening together. 

☑️ Traditional and Simplified Chinese

☑️ Pinyin System

☑️ Professional Oral Speaking

☑️ Communicative Language Teaching

Student reviews

She is highly professional and comes to each session well prepared, with excellent materials. She does not waste anytime, as well.

-by Justin (Student review from Soufudao)

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