Edison Lin

2+ years development experience of the iOS

iOS Developer • Taipei Special Municipality,TW • [email protected] 

Swift / Objective-C

  • MVC
  • MVP
  • Observer
  • Singleton
  • Delegation
  • StoryBoard
  • Auto layout
  • Xib
  • Life Cycle

  • UIKit
  • UIAnimation
  • Apple Map Kit
  • AVPlayer
  • AVAudioPlayer
  • AVAudioRecorder
  • GCD
  • WebView
  • Track Crash

  • RESTful API
  • JSON
  • XML
  • APNs
  • Local Notification
  • Bluetooth
  • MQTT Client
  • Socket
  • Git

  • Localization
  • Third Party
  • Alamofire
  • Submit Apps to the App Store 
  • Enterprise Release
  • CocoaPods
  • Facebook SDK
  • Firebase SDK
  • Youtube SDK

Work Experience

BrainStorm Digital Communications Corp. - iOS Engineer, Apr 2019 - now


Learn English through audio, video, record, etc.

Use Swift to develop and publish to the App Store, and continue to develop and maintain.

  • XML, JSON Parser
  • UITableView, UICollectionView
  • Youtube API usage
  • Use AVPlayer to play mp3
  • Custom player, lyricist
  • Side Menu
  • Pagination
  • QRCode Scanner
  • Customer Service Message Board
  • Broadcast
  • Firebase APNs
  • Firebase/Crashlytics
  • Use AVAudioRecorder to record
  • Use AVAudioPlayer play record
  • Use Alamofire to upload
  • Recording countdown animation、Animation while recording

PIN YUAN CLOUD CO., LTD. - iOS Engineer, Jun 2018 - Apr 2019

DIYBELL aims to provide everyone with an easy access to network devices anywhere. DIYBELL is in particular to tailor for network camera industry in order to offer the easiest yet full functional IP cam monitoring system to their customers.

Maintenance using Objective-C.
  • Fix a lot of bugs and crash issues
  • Added Device Firmware version info using Socket to communicate with Device, request firmware update & get Device's Snapshot
  • Localization 
  • Use MQTT to open the Device door lock and use APNs to receive doorbell notifications
  • Added answer screen for APNs, display device snapshot
  • Implement answering, opening, and hanging up functions, and quickly set Device's Wifi
  • Firebase/Crashlytics tracking crash issue
  • Add Contact us page
  • Added the function of Ping URL to get the response time
  • Added the function to get the current upload and download speed displayed on the screen
  • Added the use of Keychain to implement quick login (register) function


Bluetooth Smart Door Lock

Use Swift to develop and publish to the App Store, and continue to develop and maintain. 

  • The key of the door lock to Server Request
  • Use BLE to send to Device to open the door lock
  • Implement Core Bluetooth, connect with smart door lock
  • Added the function of manually opening the door
  • BLE BackgroundMode
  • When the RSSI is within the set range, the foreground or background automatically opens the door
  • Monitor the distance to judge the door to open
  • Moving average  


Use Swift to develop and publish to the App Store, and continue to develop and maintain.   

  • Use Facebook SDK to implement FB login and logout function
  • Firebase SDK usage
  • Use Firebase/Auth to manage users
  • Use Firebase/Database as a database
  • JSON Parser
  • Implement user favorite restaurant function
  • Implement user ratings and comments


MING CHUAN UNIVERSITY - Bachelor                                                                                                    2010 - 2014

  • Department of Computer and Communication Engineering 

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