Cheng-Yao Juan (阮晟堯)

  Taipei City, Taiwan           

Tel : +886-9 10978986 / Email : [email protected]

This is Cheng-Yao,an independent engineer always passionate about learning and researching,seeking a new chance in software field. 

Skilled in Data analysis , machine learning,and also be proficient in cross-team communication and solving unknown issues .

 Hard Skills

•Data analysis / mining 

•Data predict model building

•Machine learning tool (Tensorflow , Sci-kit)

•Cloud computing (GCP)

•Database and SQL

•Visualization tool (Tableau)

•Computer vision(OpenCV , yolo)

•Git version control

•Container (Docker)

Soft Skills

•Communication skills

Cross-team cooperation 

Issue analysis and Problem solving

•Time management

•Topic summarize and key points extraction

•Work planning

 Document reading

Computer Vision 

1. Apply yolov5 package and deploy on GCP to have real-time objection detection. 

2. Use tensorflow and deep learning (CNN) to detect picture object 

Data analysis 

1.Dataset data summary(dataset shape,null value summary,feature format......etc). 

2.Dataset clean and pre-process. 

3.Data EDA,visualization and have preliminary conclusion. 

4.Use machine learning(Randomforrest,regression...) to build model and predict result. 


Line Chatbot design for mountain climbing 

Introduce local history and geometry by image detection,guiding tourists finishing their climbing.

Combine GCP and line chat-bot deployment

Traditional Chinese Medicine Detection 

Real-time/Image object detection

Object information and curative effect popularization

Predict and suggest prescription by collecting object information 

Work Experience 

Thermal engineer • Wistron Corporation                           May,2019 - Aug,2021 

•Develop Dell CY 20 series product and get Wistron internal Gold Prize in 2020.

•Analyze thermal issues or unexpected behavior in hardware/ software and implement solutions.

•Optimize the system performance and Thermal / Acoustic validation. 

•Aassessment , CAE and co-work with other teams for new project.


Tibame Academy                                                                                                          Apr,2022 - Aug,2022

    AI & Data Science Program Class

       - Data pre-process/analysis , Machine learning/Deep learning algorithm 

National Cheng-Kung University                                                                                  Sep,2016 - Aug,2018 

    Master of Science in Applied Mechanic

National Chung-Hsing University                                                                                 Sep,2012 - Aug,2016

     Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Personal Statement

•Work Experience: 

I joined in Wistron in 2019 as thermal engineer in Dell team.In my first project,I supported my colleagues some chores and learned basic knowledge of products,schedule control,CAD skills … etc. Later,I started my first HP project and learned how to discuss and negotiate with other teams to design thermal design or optimize performance.Besides,I also learn how to simulate thermal performance, design the whole system thermal condition when I evaluate the new project. 

Communicate Ability: 

Collaborating with function teams to solve the unknown issue or understand other teams demands,and find the root cause.implement the improve features in to prevent the similar issue. 

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