Aaditya Cholayil

Student at Pillai College of Engineering

Hard-working and Dedicated Software Developer and Machine Learning enthusiast aspiring to extend technical skills and experience in the Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobile application development sectors. Designed and developed 4+ production-level apps using Flutter while integrating AI components and the latest technologies to provide the best user experience. 

Gmail: [email protected]

Phone No.: 8291369867

      Thane, Maharashtra, India

Work Experience

Flutter Developer Intern  •  Alegria - The Festival of Joy

November 2021 - Present

  • Led the App team of 3 members to create, design, and manage the mobile app for the festival.
  • Collaborating with the backend team to build secure APIs and designing the Database.
  • Collaborating with the graphics team to design the UI of the app.
  • Conducting a technical workshop on 'Object Detection with TensorFlow' as a part of the Technical Team.

Flutter Developer Intern  •  Global Network of Development Professionals

October 2021 - Present

  • Responsible for the Flutter app for a Startup in the Food Delivery domain.
  • Responsible for Integrating the AI components with the Flutter App.
  • Responsible for collaborating with the design team for the UI.

Web Developer Intern  •  Global Network of Development Professionals

July 2021 - September 2021

- Responsible for porting websites to WordPress with new and improved layout with more interactivity.
- Responsible for using custom CSS for various elements for a better user experience.


Pillai College of Engineering

Computer Engineering

2019 - 2023


SK Somaiya College of Arts, Commerce, and Science

HSC Science with Electronics

2017 - 2019



It is an AI-Powered Pokémon Go Companion App. It provides Pokemon Go players useful information for PvP mode by using a TensorFlow Object Detection model, along with Image Processing techniques and Tesseract OCR to parse input images. The data is provided by web scraping from multiple sites through a REST API.


PassMate is a Password Manager which uses AES-256 Encryption, along with SHA256 and SCRYPT to securely store User’s Passwords, Credit Cards, and Secure Notes. PassMate supports multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, and the Web. Users can also easily organize their credentials in folders. It is currently hosted via Firebase at passmate.web.app


DietMate is a Calorie Counter App that helps users track their calorie intake to assist them with their weight goals. DietMate provides personalized plans for setting a calorie goal like losing, maintaining, or gaining weight at different paces calculated based on their physical factors.

MedMate (Ongoing)

MedMate is a Medicine Reminder App that reminds users to take their medication on time by sending push notifications. It has a clean and easy UI for the elderly. MedMate allows users to add their prescribed course with details. Users can also check their previous records at any time.

Lung Capacity Check (Ongoing)

Part of the Deep Blue Hackathon. Using an incentive spirometer can increase our lung capacity and actively aid in recovery and healing. These spirometers are mostly manual and do not have a digital display. LCC is an AI-powered mobile application that will help users to measure and digitize spirometric readings by simply pointing their smartphone camera at the spirometer. LCC will quickly save the readings and will also further allow users to send this data to their doctors.


   Flutter      Python      Firebase      REST API      TensorFlow  

   Cryptography      Java      SQL      C (Language)      Tesseract OCR  

Other Tools

   Figma      Photoshop      Asana      Github

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