Abby Luo

I am always curious about the world, especially enjoying observing human behavior and how they interact with technology. I have worked as a flight attendant since 2013, and I love to help people with the problems they have or what they have not found out yet.

  Taipei City, Taiwan         


February 2021 - June 2021

National TsingHua University

Psy+Design course (sit-in)

- Applying psychology theory to complete individual and 
  group design projects. ( had been ranked in the top 5%, 4 
  out of 8 times)

- Conduct design critique from the psychology perspective .

- Design a psychology experiment. 

- Define the problem through user research techniques, 
  design, create prototype and evaluation. 

December 2020 - March 2021

Georgia Tech University

Human-Computer Interaction professional certificate program

- Understanding fundamental principles, the HCI theories 
  and how designs can impact social change.

- Applying user research, brainstorming, prototype, 
  evaluation techniques to make the interactions 
  between humans and computers more effective.

- Analyzing user problems in a cognitive science-based way 
  and designing a service to solve the tasks.

September 2009 - June 2013

National ChengChi University

Land Economic - Urban planning

- Conducting critical thinking from different perspectives 
  and defining the current problems.

- Analyzing urban plans with a focus on social and 
  environmental impact, combining theory-based and 
  statistical techniques to ensure social equity.

- Completing a team capstone project of urban 
  planning, which includes needs finding, defining problems, 
  building and analyzing the feasibility to achieve goals.

Work Experience

Flight Attendant

China airlines  •  December 2013 - Present

I am dedicated to providing delightful travel experiences. This experience has enhanced my ability to pay attention to detail, dig out  users' real needs and come up with user-centered solutions.

2013 - present



  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Zeplin

  • English — Advanced
  • Chinese — Native or Bilingual


Costco user experience research & redesign

Discovered users' pain points and needs through analyzing user journey map, and redesigned the service to optimize the user experience. Also, we illustrated and evaluated our redesign concept with a hi-fedility prototype. 

Package+ service analysis and redesign

With focus on the user behaviors, we dug out users' difficulties when conducting their actions. Then, we designed a user-centered solution based on behavior theory to make the service more user-friendly and attractive.

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