蕭旭 (Edison Hsiao)

Procurement/Sales  •  Taipei City  • Taiwan

     0921-253-288     [email protected]

I has worked at PC/Server industry for 3 years at front-end and back-end procurement.

Responsible for Power Module/Memory/GPU/PCB purchasing, vendors are all global enterprises like 

Intel, Broadcom, Nvidia,Delta, Micron etc. Analyzing the cost matrix and market investigation are my expertise. 


Supply Chain

 Experienced in logistics side for sever business, managing  product schedule from material preparation to final assembly.

Cost Analysis

  As a commodity manager at Lenovo, diverse cost strategy often be utilized in quarterly business review. To maximize the positive benefits for company. 


GEPT High Intermediate
Excel/Power Point

Adept in SAP system



National Cheng Kung University, Resource Engineering, 2012 ~ 2016

1. Public Relations member in Student Association.
2. Hosting experience of several school events.



Lenovo, Global Commodity Manager, Aug 2019 ~ Present 

1. Cooperate with US / EMEA / APAC region to facilitate NPI or sustaining projects. 

2. Managing ODMs’ material delivery schedule from EVT,DVT,PVT to MP stage. 

3. Cost analysis for multiple vendors, planning strategy with cross-functional team. 


Quanta, Procurement Specialist, Mar 2017 ~ Apr 2019

1. Supplier Development / Management
2. Purchasing Data / Market Analysis
3. Proactive Cost Saving
4. Good Service for Customer
5. Contract Negotiation 



Procurement Career, Mar 2017~ Present

1. New Supplier Development –
a) Developing new material channels (Supplier/Distributor) to avoid the risk of short supply.
b) Enforcing original supplier provides a better price strategic or R&D designing priority.

For example: Implemented local memory vendor(Macronix/Winbond)to prevent shortage risk.

2. Purchasing Data / Market Analysis –
a) Basic excel pivot table or advanced regression analysis about cost/volume/SPEC/performance, etc.
b) Determining the highest cost–performance ratio product and advising to engineer. 

c) Investigating the innovative technology or surveying the market trend to avoid unexpected shortage. 

For example: Taking part in Intel/Nvidia/Broadcom new products  seminars.

3. Proactive Cost Saving –
a) Regular quarter cost reduction(1.5%~2% per quarter)
b) Annual incentive program
c) Driving the best BoM cost for new RFQ/RFP to win the bidding.
d) Negotiating longer payment term (ex: MT30→ MT60)

For example: Even encountered the shortage issue in 2018, I achieved 1.5% cost reduction every quarter

4. Relationship Maintenance –
a) Responsible for building relationships with local(Delta/Lite-on)or foreign(Broadcom/Nvidia) suppliers.
b) Holding Quarterly Business Review to ensure the quality of all suppliers.
c) Getting involved in the upstream manufacturers.

For example: Building relationships with PCB raw material suppliers  (ITEQ/EMC)

5. Good Service for Customer –
As one of the global assembling company, our main customers are usually famous IT companies like 

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber, etc. We need to make them feel satisfied on not only fulfillment but cost. Conference calls and formal mails are often necessary for B2B business.

For example: Once Google Global Component Manager wrote a mail asking me to expedite the schedule.

6. Contract Negotiation –
Convincing vendors to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA)/Long Term Agreement(LTA)/Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)/Purchase Agreement(PA)/ECO Friendly Agreement which can facilitate company's operation or protect any possibility of violating Intellectual property rights.

For example: Apple request all suppliers to sign NDA to protect their products. 

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Data Analysis

a) Excel pivot table or regression analysis presented in PowerPoint

b) Determining the highest cost–performance ratio product

 c) Investigating new market trend

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