Abdoelrhman Mohammed

iOS Software Engineer  •  Cairo, EG  •  [email protected]

I've over 3 years of experience in building iOS apps. Built apps for a huge scale of users that reached over 1M user. In love with swift since first line, and I spend most of my day writing in it.


Freelance iOS engineer, Dec2015 - Present

Working with various clients to ship their ideas and apps to store, through Upwork and my connections

iOS Software engineer @Rukkus, Oct 2017 - Present

Rukkus app launched in late 2015, they didn't update much after so I got into an old codebase and got it 

cleaned up and running, maintenance and so on. 

iOS Software engineer @Iqraaly, Oct 2017 - Present

Iqraaly is a startup that produce and publish audio books. I built their app from scratch and currently

working on adding more features to it and managing other junior developers.

iOS Software engineer @Enbit, Jun 2017 - Sep 2017

Enbit is a software house based in SaudiArabia, I worked remotely on various projects for the company.

iOS Software engineer @PitchLabs, May 2017 - July 2017

Worked with iOS team on different apps that includes payment app like doPay app, AYR for electric cigarette smokers, and other apps

iOS Software engineer @theD.GmbH, August 2016 - April 2017

The company had a solo social media app project for Football players, built from scratch.


Programming in Swift

I've been using Swift on daily basis since 2015, built many apps and used so many frameworks as well, always into learning more about the language, best practice, design patterns and more.

iOS/UIKit development

Using my swift skill to deliver great apps, using many

skills I gained through my career, from starting the project

to structuring and managing dependancies, testing, CI/CD

and getting the app to AppStore.  


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Advanced Swift

Chris and team is one of my fav resource to learn more about swift and iOS development. 

The book is just amazing reference!

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Zero to One

Peter is a great entrepreneur that

you'll gain a lot from reading his 

thoughts on his book, really insightful.

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Go Chat

My first app on Appstore, made it to top grossing apps in USA store. Featured in many tech sites like: Verge, TNW, and Producthunt!

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Social media platform for football players. The app was intended to be in ObjC, but later I voted to migrate to Swift. 

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An audiobooks app for customers, Online streaming audio, downloads and payment will be added on coming phases. App is built with Swift.